Time to start…

I wanted to ask if you had the chance to move past start yet?

If you have, then awesome! Believe in yourself and don’t stop till you make it. Why? Because it will be something you will struggle with in a lot of aspects of just starting out. Trust me, once that taste of freedom starts sinking in and you see results of your making, it becomes infectious to keep going. Don’t ever stop!

Moving past start…

When I wrote that post, I had the idea that everyone needs to be reminded about some things about starting out. While I am no expert, I do have a knack for figuring things out. Telling others about my experiences with this concept of starting a business, and trying to make it work. Even the many-faceted monster of running ads and self-marketing your new venture. Want to read the post, click here.

“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.” 


There is no better time to start than right now! Literally right now. You probably are reading this post on a phone. This is how I got started. Mind you it was still more of a hassle, but plenty of new apps out there to get you started easily. Have a resource post coming that goes into more detail about what I use to get started and able to use it on a phone as well.

We all feel the desire to acquire more money since everything is going up and harder to find more value in what is currently being offered. So you begin to think about what, or how do I even start? Can I actually do this?

Stop. Quit doubting yourself. Like the great phrase being said these days “Fuck around and find out” It really means you will not learn if you don’t try. If you fail, who cares. You now have experience with the situation. You learned what you tried doing didn’t work. Reassess and keep moving forward.

Finding the positive in everything…

Look, some of us grew up not having taken any part in the participation ribbon mindset growing up. Sometimes you need a few failures in order to make your work. This teaches you that not everything will work. It also shows you what you are lacking in abilities. Fear not, that you failed, but learned what worked and what didn’t. It’s as simple as that. Why overthink things if you don’t have to?

Thinking that whatever we do, we will go viral in some way. To tell you the truth, it doesn’t happen that way. It’s rather rare and can be a quick fleeting trend. The positive thing I will say is that be true to your vision and focused. This is where the real learning begins. This is where you can’t get this experience from a school curriculum. As with many of the failures I have experienced, I still wouldn’t trade it for something that is restraining. Yet, in this current environment, having a job while pursuing your dream or vision is what will help you get started. It’s taking that first step is what’s the hardest.

Start here mini mind map

Keep moving forward…

Like all things. Once you take the first step, it becomes a walk. Then a walk to a run and the next thing you know you’re running through obstacles. Get the idea now?

Keep moving forward and don’t stop. Yeah, you might sidestep a little here and there. You are still moving forward. Like all things, we have to take the first attempt in order to see how well our confidence goes up once you accomplish the task.

We can benefit from finding out that once we can do things and are capable of getting it handled and completed. We see that our experience keeps us moving and able to overcome obstacles. This is what drives our purpose to make our vision become a reality.

We all want what’s best for our family or our life and ensure that we are financially able to handle such jumps in living costs or whatever you may enjoy. By taking the step towards having more control of your future than having it in someone else’s hands. You can say that is on me, but also steers you to keep moving forward because now it is on you to make it work out.

The motivation to start a business for yourself is mostly a need to be more financially well off than by working for someone who can control your finances. This is a way that many start businesses. Also many will fail, but what you actually learn and do with this new knowledge and use it for your next venture. Take this new resource and squeeze the snot out of the value of what you have learned. Why I enjoy working “in the trenches” in a few industries over the years. You learn so much and gain so many insights about long-term trends and short-term trends. Take the time to share with others about your experiences and see what kind of response or feedback you get. A lot of posts out there don’t go over the other details you will encounter. I tend to spill those beans. Because I feel that you may want to know what to probably expect. I don’t like surprises but trying to keep the risks and costs low is something I like to share, you have to start somewhere, and free is king when you are first bootstrapping your venture for a while.

Time to start doing…

I want you to take a moment to start a list somehow on your phone, laptop, or napkin during lunch break. Take an idea and brainstorm it a little. Write anything down that comes to mind that pops in while brainstorming. This is how you figure out what may work or even a new direction to take or even a better idea.

In summary of all the things throughout this post, the biggest takeaway I can give out is just to take that first step. I believe in you. Make it happen, and enjoy the ride while you learn more about yourself and your newly formed business. Congrats on taking the step outside of your comfort zone and the feeling that empowers you that it’s time to start!


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