Time to catch up…

I have been absent for a while now. Mostly trying to get a dropshipping store going and working. This time around it’s been a literal shit show. No apologies here, because in today’s economy, it’s harder to fund a business and garner support.

Trust me, I have been trying to stop doing things myself all the time. I hate being the only one who is doing something other than sitting on the phone endlessly scrolling. Yet, if I find something fun or exciting to do it takes an act of Congress to get anyone to come along.

Kind of depressing. Yet most days I put on a smile, even though behind the scenes I am a little depressed about it all. Why? Because of living in a dysfunctional family that literally doesn’t care about you enough to reach out now and then. My family doesn’t talk to each other. Ever since my Grandparents died, the family grew more apart and against each other over what was left in the house. Shameful really.

Doing it all and then some…

So after constantly working for something bigger than myself, yet always find that I am constantly doing it all myself anyway. Thanks to everyone who ignored, didn’t bother or rather forgot about anything I have done.

What does it mean when you have to do things yourself?

It means that you have to rely on your skills, experience, and resources that you can use and make something from it. Call it self-reliance or passion. Whatever it may be you rely on only YOURSELF than on others. By taking stock of where your skills are and how strong they are, will determine if you have the stuff to make something happen.

This post is not about complaining, but more of what it’s like to not have a solid foundation, other than yourself, to help you through the process of starting a business or side project. This is something I have been dealing with for most of my life and have gotten so used to it that I am literally tired of doing it alone.

So what to do now? Can I find someone to help? Yes, but I will always have to pay. Nothing is free in this world. Finding reliable help that wouldn’t try to change things away from the vision isn’t easy. Why I am not a big fan of VC funding in projects.

What’s next???

So for me is to either find help that doesn’t cost a lot to help me push through getting this project moving forward or end it and find something else to be an entrepreneur in. I don’t mind trying to find something to do and make some money at, but also know that no matter what I do I will be doing it myself.

Only time will tell if I can shake off the stigma of being at a certain age and not having a career for the last few decades and a home and all that BS. I rather have experiences and live life than be tied up in something I am always taking care of or paying for.


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