The end…

Like most things in this country, it is time to close this project down for good.

Really the end…

After working on this blog for the past 4 years and countless issues during that time. I feel that it’s no longer worth my time and effort to make something happen. Even after a few brushes with viral posts (mostly around 20 views or less) and the flooded market of copywriters the past 2 years. It’s time to drop this money pit and find something else to do. May try crime since it carries less time in jail than protesting or actual working!

Mostly my decision to close down The Merry Bacchus is due to lack of getting the help or support I need when asked or even paying for it! Just tired of struggling and doing everything by myself.

The end, now what?

Like I have stated, its time for me to end this losing battle and find something else to do with my time. Having no friends, or family to help or support you in your endeavors or pursuits its does wear on you.

Now with a blog closing down, a freshly setup dropship business as well to close down. Will revamp my Fiverr and UpWork profiles to reflect this change. While also looking for something else to do with my time. Literally my thoughts go towards not thinking about suicide or the fact that I have no contact with my kids, or how to connect with them. My problem really and will be getting some form of help.

I can say that the mental toll on me about doing everything myself the last 4 years and having no real contact with anyone, it does get lonely. I keep coming up short no matter what I am doing. It’s fucking frustrating!!!

Back to trying not to end it…

Now my focus is on either fixing a car, I probably shouldn’t have gotten, but wanted something to do other than playing the game of finding something that will work as a passive income or a working side gig.

With now looking to not do something real foolish like commit suicide. These thoughts have gotten worse the last few weeks. Mostly because I have been struggling to accomplish anything that works. Facing these obstacles, while I can get them done, usually don’t work out after a while.

So now trying not to kill myself and finding something else to do other than play video games and try to find ways to fix a car without any help. I guess mostly it stems from the lack of finding the help I need when asked. Paid or not paid help.

I am just done with it all. Frustrated and feel defeated. Why bother living if there is nobody to share it with you. Just literally tired of doing everything by myself. This feeling is really strong right now and not sure what to really do.


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