Take the chance…

Do you ever want to take the chance to do something, regardless of what you may be thinking, to do it?

No? Why not? Sometimes the happiest accidents happen by just taking the leap.

Current research findings…

So I wanted to do some research for this post and what I have found was a little shocking to how much for the past few days about this was being searched. So I took the chance to look further and a lot, might be preselected. It does happen to be a major city within the US.

The comparisons that I did were Layoffs, Remote, and Startups. So the biggest, or the highest was titled “remote” search. While the layoffs and startups were lower. The comparisons between the Layoffs and Startups were much lower. Although they had similar searches in areas where there is a high density of startups and layoffs in some areas but also it aligned with the remote density of where it was searched within the US.

So this told me that even though many of these tech, offices, and other related white-collar jobs are being axed. Mainly for over-hiring, or the rapid slowing of growth and demand. Given the fact that the recent trend of pulling money from smaller banks and moving it to bigger banks.

Banking and your paycheck…

Is anyone paying attention to which bank your paycheck comes from? Seriously, I know the few that glance through this are working either a full-time job or a part-time one while trying to make it these days.

I didn’t want to make you scared, but with the latest bank scares and related crap. It does make you wonder if you should invest more into crypto, or have it in other currencies. Not saying gold is the answer either, but not as liquid as you might think.

Just from looking at some of the stats and related search terms for this post, I have seen a lot about startups. Mostly because they are taking the biggest hit from the bank failures. While a few are looking to beat the odds and move toward the crypto scene once again for the financing they need. You just never know these days. The current trend so far is not showing too much just yet. Although I can see where countries that do have crypto ties may fair better, while the look for work or financing your startup goes more global.

Take the chance…

Take it, go for it. I am just here to give you that push you may need. Half the time I want to hear your thoughts and maybe be that spark just by listening. I love a good story. Especially about work-related in the service industry. Worked many years in the industry to know the culture, and also get it. It sucks with the new tipping and food delivery comment wars going on.

Take the damn chance. I am sure that you will not regret it. I follow someone on Instagram and she mentions something about being free or the essence of doing what you want. It clicked in me, enough to rekindle something I couldn’t put my finger on. Now I am taking the chance with this post, the new rendering of what I enjoy doing. Take the chance, the current working environment is like crap. Layoffs are prominent, also more forced cubicle life is being imposed by the paycheck overlords.

I am dealing with the toxic environment at work, because I have no other option, and trying to start some income streams is never easy. It helps to keep looking at trends and where there is work and what part of the country or even worldwide.

The banking issues and the rising political showboating continue, while the larger corporations continue to bring false promises with pay, equality, and work culture. Despite the news and the fear-mongering, the pundits ignore the real issues at stake. Pay attention to what’s relevant to you and you notice it’s not a lot they are saying across all of the social media.


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