Quick Post #2…

This is a quick post about random things I have been working on the past week or two since the last post…lol.

This post is more about a few projects I am working on or dealing with. Which somehow ties in with my other projects.

Getting an idea started…

So the past few weeks or months, I have been looking for a car. Normally I don’t buy cars that need a lot of work to get running again. Yet, this time I did it anyway because I do have a lead for a replacement if I really need it. Which I may do down the line. For now, it’s all about trying a few things now and go from there.

Since the biggest issue is just finding a space to work on various projects. Finding a Flex warehouse space in Tucson alone is non-existent these days, or have a large deposit or are just overpriced and just sit. Usually, the brokers are a little hesitant or slow to respond. Which made me go to a Hobby unit at a storage rental place. I rather have a house or a flex warehouse space to work on projects, since getting mail or shipping orders is way easier than a storage hobby unit since they don’t have trash or mail services. Not to mention the time you can access the facility.

Just need to start, is the keyword here.

Other projects…

While I have been working on a few other projects, the main one is still trying to establish a passive income. Which, since Covid has not gotten me anywhere. Although I have had good luck messing around with Crypto but not had consistent results. Yet it has done better than the various dropship businesses I started or bought on Flippa.

So with my dropship project running and trying to find some time to run a few ads, having this car now will draw my attention to it first more than the other projects. Why I may run a few ads during this time to keep interest going.

Other projects I am working on, are paying off debts. Although trying to find a working passive income model to help pay for this is not easy. Especially if you are spending your own money (bootstrapping) to get it going. It’s a long waiting game for sure with any dropshipping store.

Quick turnaround…

While all of this going on, I am trying to work a full-time job, finally. Although it’s draining to work late nights past midnight is rough. At least I am making more per hour than my previous crappy job. Besides it’s how I keep some of these businesses going is by me paying for the monthly services and etc.

While I haven’t had a good working drop ship e-comm take off yet, I am still hopeful and believe that it will work eventually. Five times is a charm…right?!?

This go around is expected to be better if I can get another side project going, but this time it involves physical products made by me. Not sure if I want to go the Etsy route with all of it’s current issues lately.

Quick, yet slow-moving…

So I now have a full plate of projects to work on again. This time around I am thinking about downsizing a little but also may have to reorganize a little to make it all work. As for the dropshipping business, I may do a little at a time and slowly grow the business by brand recognition or organically. Will have to wait and see how the dropship project plays out.

My real focus will be getting this car running first and then being able to go out camping and doing stock photography again like I wanted. Not to mention being able to unplug and enjoy nature like we all need to do these days.

As the slow-moving projects get some traction or just get going enough on their own, I can focus more on some of the other smaller things I have put off.

In short…

If you have projects that may need to be shuffled around a little, don’t feel like you are abandoning them. You have different priorities that may need to be adjusted. It’s called flexibility and if you want to be a business owner you need to be flexible and not rigid enough you don’t flex. Also, keep an open mind, and for the literal god you worship, quit chasing perfection and being a literal dick to others. Karma will not be easy on you. Otherwise, have fun and learn something from all the experience.


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