Quick post #1…

A quick post, mostly to check a few things with analytics. Also to create a post that is under 1k in words. Mostly due to checking how well analytics work and also if there are really a lot of bots trolling the website.

Let’s do this…

Well, it’s time for me to put a little more effort into creating a funnel and ads that work on this website. It would help if I could find a great, FREE, and responsive mobile theme. I tried one and found out that you have to pay for some of the things that I got for free with another theme. Now I know why there are a lot of job openings for WordPress developers. It’s really for a brand new theme for a website rather than paying monthly for a theme which isn’t ideal for literally most of us.

So, with this in mind. I tend to lean more into the block full-site editors. They are rather confusing with the template format and no real way to see your edits until you view your webpage. Which in turn can give you hits in analytics each time you do this. Something that if not configured right will throw off your ad spend, etc.

Either way, I do plan on trying to find a theme that I just may learn the code more and redesign it myself. This is usually the case because I can’t get the help or there are way too many conditions or particulars to deal with.

Quick post to Let’s do this…

Like I mentioned above. I am looking forward to trying a few things out to better the blog, how I reach my readers, all 10 of you if you are still around, and to make a little money to offset costs. Which I believe that I mentioned in a post a few years ago when I first started this blog. So with the quick post and how I am trying to Let’s do this to get a few more followers, and clicks while also bringing more content that is relevant.

Since I started this blog with the intent of pairing food, drink, and friends. That is something I am slowly moving back into while providing some other information about the whole blog and the side business aspect of it.


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