Quick bites…

So having to deal with newfound API issues with Printful and WooCommerce sites is nothing new. Whenever something gets updated it tends to throw everything out of whack. So this post is about those quick bites of info to help you navigate through some of this. Most of the time you will not find the answers on the vids or through the help knowledge base.

So not a long post, but a way to deal with the problem when all of a sudden your site doesn’t connect or can talk to each other.

Don’t get frustrated. This is computer BS happening. Even if everything is done correctly on both ends, somehow the server, computer, or database gets a hiccup. The best way is to grab the recent logs about the issue and get some help from support. Usually, it will be the one with the plugin that is having the problem. For instance, for me, it is the Printful plugin that is having an issue with WooCommerce. Most of the WooCommerce support is done through the forums and email, but rest assured you will find someone with the same issue as you and find a good troubleshooting direction.

Push through…

So the best way to deal with such a setback is to see what is working or not. Usually, this means deactivating some plugins or settings to see what is causing the issue. Most of the time it will be a third-party plugin that causes the issue with WordPress or WooCommerce.

The main thing to worry about when dealing with API or connection issues is to first do the usual of unplugging your modem….wait, the wrong troubleshooting process.

Seriously, try to send a message to support or even use the live chat feature. Because they can walk you through the issue, but also give you insights about either similar issues or the very least give you the knowledge to correct the issue the next time! Still, a win even if you didn’t get it resolved right away. Talking to support can also create a ticket that they can investigate on their end to see any issues.

The side effect is that it can take some amount of time as well. As you play the waiting game, even with live chat support, you could also reset the keys for the API. This will usually mean having to go through the process of running the wizard again to connect the API again.

Don’t give up, you have to keep trying something and yes, you can take a day off from working on it. Don’t overthink it and stress yourself out about it. Seriously.

By taking a moment, distracted if needed, to have a fresh look at it. It’s just a problem that you have to figure out. Use what you know already and pay attention to what happens, then go from there. Even if you make a mistake, hopefully, you made a backup or using the backup to see if it works or not. Nothing is ever hard if you take a dose of patience and mind breaks to conquer the issue. This will help you overcome many of these little issues that a lot of courses and experts will not really tell you. It’s all about the details and how you deal with them is what makes the difference to get past this and possibly learn about API’s in the process!


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