Plan of action…

Have an idea? Great. Let’s get a plan of action working.

I have been reading quite a few books about building a business and creative reading of a few fantasy books. Have to rest the brain with some mindless entertainment for a good balance. One of the biggest things that I have found out is that I need to write out a plan of action.

The biggest issue that I have is not working without a plan of action. I found out from reading that I need to have some sort of action plan for me to follow. This would help with knowing what the end goal is, but also be able to understand what is going on, and **Pro Tip** you have a pice of hard copy (actual paper or notebook) with the plan and notes with the ability to make slight changes as needed, but not the end goal.

I love to write and collect a lot of information through online articles and page links. So I tend to keep “online” dump files. If your a photog, then you know about dump files. New to copywriting or related marketing. This is where you will have old drafts of copy for ads, blog posts, or even pics for the blogs or accents. Think of junk drawer for your blog.

Another list…

So this is not just another list of sorts, it’s more of a plan for which to work towards the goal that you have set. Now is the time to start some form of an action plan on how to reach that end goal. Now you will find out what steps or things you will need to reach your goal. Not only that, but you will also add a time in which to achieve this goal. So this is not just a list, but a list of steps with little actions or analysis to which to make the necessary slight changes to reach your end goal.

This is something I have recently found out but also learned that this would benefit me. Because it would help me stay on task, then just “Winging It” all the time. You can use apps like Trello and Evernote (if still around) to help with this, but since I am older and like doing things old-school. Besides, sometimes I just need to take a break from the screen and stare at a blank sheet of paper! Balance once again is helpful for those mental breaks and stress relievers from technology.

Here is the link for the download of the list HERE

Think of not just a list, but a type of guide that will help you navigate through all of the bullshit that will come at you. This helps to reach your goal, have a few notes as well. Hell, you just might find something of a pattern or a better way of doing a task to reach your goal. What may surprise you is how much determination and what you are willing to give back while preparing your plan of action. This keeps you on task, accountable, and also associated with the notes you will need to find balance, your end goal, and also build up a business that has something to offer. Having strong faith and desire will aid you in reaching that goal.

Being realistic, and transparent will not only help you but also those you are helping or working with. The possibilities are endless! This is how you learn new skills, both soft and hard skills. The small skills or soft skills are what’s needed the most these days and this is where you will find them or will develop them.


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