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Pivoting back again…

This is something against my better judgment. I just couldn’t pass up on such a deal with domains and getting a TLD (top-level domain) with a few similar extensions that I could use for this project.

Taking a different approach

Like most things, even though you were either bad at it or liked it enough to keep doing it because you knew a lot about it without much effort. Yeah, that sounds like me. That is probably why I still work in kitchens and chase that entrepreneurial dream.

While this time around I am taking a different approach to this pivot back. I am sure I may have said I didn’t want to deal with dropshipping again. I think mostly it was due to the amount of work involved with the platform and the dreaded Google Merchant Center issues. While the store itself wasn’t the biggest issue. Mostly it was the issues with GMC. Even with all the hoops jumped through it went off the rails quickly. Left a bad taste in my mouth, and there are plenty of posts about it.

Got to be better this time around…right?

While all of those issues with GMC, I honestly think it’s more about paying for an actual ad within GMC for their use. But, let’s move on.

This time, instead of using say Shopify, will have to see what works with the supplier and if I want to dive into WooCommerce that much. I love how WC works, but not having to pay for every little app just to have most of the basics. Either way, I may use a minimal type WordPress theme that could be used for an online store.

I am learning to do more with content besides just products possibly. Not sure how to use these other domains for this purpose, but this is the whole idea of this project. Usually, this is done with sub-domains. Speed will be an issue when serving pages, hence the 1-page website idea possibly. So here is the link to the site

Since we are talking about domains and such. I bought about 5 domains in this group for less than 80$ for at least 1 year of registration. Most were only about a dollar to register since it was in a bundle. Love browsing the domain auctions or the bargain bins. It’s funny that I found the domains by doing a logo search. I used one of those logo makers you see online. It had a more info button, I pressed it and saw that the domains I got were available. Hit my GoDaddy account and went to the lookup to see if it was available. I even checked Namecheap to be sure my registration went through. It did.

The biggest thing is that the keywords in the domain are high, there are 2 TLD type domains worth some money. The extensions are what determine value usually. If you have a short character domain, it also has a higher value. For instance, would be worth more than would be. Also, don’t be cheap, pay extra for the WHOIS privacy protection. You will get fewer emails about if you want to sell or some scammers.

coffee cup on a bed of coffee beans

Can this pivot be the one?

I don’t know. I honestly don’t want to know. Then I would have not learned anything during the process. I do know, that I have dealt with dropshipping on a few platforms and even worked on eBay and Doba back in the day before all these nice ways to deal with products in a large database.

Look, it’s nice to know things. It’s also nice to keep learning new things while stumbling forward. Ah, the life of a serial entrepreneur with a problem. For the most part, this is a small niche so far. Although it’s more on something I love and enjoy. So why not take that risk and see what happens? This is what I urge everyone to do. Quit chasing that hustle for little money each time. Unless you can scale it up a little, you will keep making small money. However this time around I am thinking of going the same route as Uni-T. It was done on the low end of finances, with hardly any monthly payments, around 60$ mostly. So not bad. Most of that was for the Shopify service. So it can be done on the cheap. The biggest cost is usually the services and the helper apps. So do the free trials over 7 days. May find it helps speed things up for you or work out in your favor. If it helps you speed things up, then pay for it. You may find an easier way with or without a paid app or service.

Last thoughts…

After all of this, I am now trying to work 2 jobs. Call me crazy, but I want to get off this couch and find a car of some kind and do more of what I like to do to unplug and think a few things through without having a connected cell phone near me.

Trying this will be an interesting test of how this plays out. Going into this just to see how overall everything works doing it a different way than what others have done. As for the website platform, may use WordPress or even a competitor. Right now I will take this a little slower at first than with Uni-T, but will drop the cash once everything else is in place and I had a chance to drum up a little interest and maybe a poll or two to see what the visitors want to see!

Stay tuned, and go do some epic shit this week and weekend!


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