Noticing changes…

Noticing changes over the past few years, from shopping, working, the way we literally live, and other kinds of shenanigans. Some didn’t notice or will not notice, but will once things start changing when they are where you are at. We all do when we get old.

Noticed these changes

One of the biggest issues I have been seeing is the work ethic of employers and even some of the employees. The customers are even getting in on the bad behavior bandwagon. Many don’t and will not tolerate being berated, yelled at, or screamed at over a job that doesn’t pay well or even gives you something worthwhile.

So many upper management like to spend on things for themselves, rather than give back to the very companies they created. Which in turn is now fueling a debate that has literally gone on for many generations. It isn’t new. That many companies will not pay more for a current employee to train and retain. They rather pay more for someone clueless about the job and train them to their specifics, than keep someone who knows all the ins and outs of the position and company. Which is less than hiring a total new hire for the same position. Never made any sense.

So how about the change where now all of the stores have a huge obstacle in front of it now. Like, for instance, Walmart has those tall blue poles, or Target has the big red balls in front. Want to notice something else? What about the stores with the rolling metal window covers that come down when locking up the place? Notice those?

It really shows that we as a society have gotten more violent and don’t really care attitude towards others’ properties or even businesses that we all visit often. Some of the other things that have changed is the literal entitlement of customers these days as compared to the past. Yes, you got a few a generation or two ago. Now it seems that everyone has gotten out from behind the computer screen and started to act out their keyboard warrior life in actual real life. You see all of the posts on the internet about these clowns. A good Reddit thread is /winstupidprizes and /publicfreakout are two good threads for this kind of stuff.

What changed now?

I know this may be a lot of questions for this kind of post, but it is something that I have been trying to figure out. I really haven’t changed, but as I have gotten older. I have tried to be more open-minded, and flexible with my thinking. Meaning I try to be more current with my ways than being a typical old guy who doesn’t get it. I do, but learned to pick the battles with the better outcome.

Why? This should be the biggest question I would ask these days. What changed to you that much, is that you need to be a real dick towards others or have the mentality that it is all about you all the time. Thirst traps alone are how influencers operate, otherwise, we wouldn’t pay attention. Maybe it’s the attention that we dearly speak not a lot of that is what we all want. Meaning that we are literal attention whores, and doing everything we can to get it!

Not having the mental stability from covid is something that needs to be addressed. We rather act out than actually think before we do anything. A lot of double standards have been fleshed out into the open. We have become what we don’t want to be, yet it’s inevitable.

pictograph of what happened?

So how do we fix this? I honestly don’t know. I am dealing with the same things. I tend to speak more openly about my issues than just behind the keyboard as well. Talk about changing with the times! I don’t want to be like this Yet, with the attention span of a gnat it does makes it harder to focus to correct this unwanted trait.

One of the reasons why I try to make it a habit of doing the opposite is to help regain some of the focus I need to just do almost anything. That and not using my phone constantly helps. Anyone wants to go camping or hiking? That will teach technology!

In short…

From all of the things going on, the ranting of sorts in public or through social media. We all got sucked in by it. Including me, and I noticed that I don’t like it. Makes it rather hard to do anything without Maximum Effort! Security measures are not going away, people voicing their opinion on others in the loudest possible fashion and other things. This is going to be a crazy ride to see what we do next and how we cope or deal with this level of craziness.

I believe that a lot of that has to do with the fact that being alone in your house, because of a virus, showed us many things. That humanity has an issue with being alone and dealing with our thoughts. We don’t know how to handle the stress, the anxiety, and other things associated with it. It literally did a number on our mental health, how we interact and even demand anything.

I suggest taking that split second to really think about what you are about to spit out. There seems to be a lot of doublespeak these days, and it’s getting harder to navigate through the BS from the actual truth that seems to be floating out there. You do you and do not worry about others, but also it isn’t needed to tell everyone when it may not be wanted. Use that energy for something more creative or anything else.


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