Looking for…

Been looking for something, not sure what. A lot has happened this past holiday season. Where I am currently is not helping either. I have been able to make some headway, but little steps. Little steps to start.

From all the recent BS and other turning on each other stuff that has been happening. It is still a world we all have to live in. Covid has brought out the worst in us in many forms and now it’s trying to come back into balance. Which is what I was thinking about when writing this post.

Looking for balance…

That is what you needed to have these days. Yet some people can’t understand this concept and continue to unbalance themselves and it shows. Hence why do you get deceiving tactics and such lately? There is no balance when one side is fighting for control and so far is winning. While the other side is not able to keep up or even get a chance to be heard or seen.

Balance is what is vital for a lot of things. This is something that I have noticed over the years. Through mostly error after trial after trial. The one thing I noticed that you can do that helps you better is by having balance. Some sort of it. Yes, you are going to have your bad days and good days. It’s finding what balances you the most. Once you find it, you will want to be in that place all of the time. I am not sure about what currently works for everyone. It is something that you have to find out for yourself.

Balance and comfort zones…

Balance and comfort zones go hand in hand. From a quick look, they look similar. Yet they are not in some aspects. While balance is something you try to achieve overall in your life. This includes the body, mind, and soul. While this may be a meditation, monk speak, or whatever. If you believe in something enough to follow it, why not try to balance things out for better understanding?

Comfort zones are usually where you find where you are complacent, comfortable with routines, not willing to explore, etc. Not to say they have their place, but while trying to balance yourself, sometimes you may need to venture a little past your comfort zone. Little steps here…

This is something I have found that I was doing before realizing what it actually was. I am not very outgoing as I used to be, but slowly getting back there. Yet I find ways to take a few steps past my comfort zone to find that balance. Also having a more open mind on a lot of things does help as well. You don’t have to like it, just learn about the experience and grow from it.

Didn’t know this post was going to turn out to be metaphysical or preachy, did you?

Neither did I. Not trying to be. Giving something that I have followed and seems to work. It also helps when starting a new blog or website. Even when your starting to hire that VA for the site or whatever. Literally, you will need to venture a little outside of your comfort zone and also try to maintain some sort of balance while juggling all of the hats until you start gaining steam.

looking for balance

We all need some form of balance in life. How to get there and to start, begins with you. Only you can find that needed balance that many of us need. It has not been a good decade so far, and balance is key!

Filling the hole…

I filled the hole partly recently. It was a hard one mentally for me, but I got through it. I took my website offline. Even canceled a lot of services. I needed to revamp the whole Bacchus ethos, while also taking time to mentally heal myself from being alone during the holidays. Basically, I didn’t have the balance I needed during the time I needed it most. This is how you fill the hole and really find out about yourself as a person. The emotion comes out raw and powerful, you find out that you are not what you originally thought and are a little scared. This is how you regain balance.

For me having to do all of this and not have the contact I needed stung, but I realize at this point that acting upon that scared emotion would not have been the better outcome. I had more to do yet. I then started to fill a hole by slowly taking the time to finally figure out what I wanted to do. Yet, I am coming across as preachy a little. I will apologize now because I’m not waiting to be when I like efficiency in anything. Sometimes I hate myself for this trait.

Looking for a way to get balance, sometimes you have to step outside, not your just your comfort zone, but outside. Sometimes the environment will take you outside that comfort but also realign you to better things and that needed balance!


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