Hello Everyone…


“Welcome to The Merry Bacchus and enjoy the bits of information that may be useful for trivia night.”

Hello Everyone…

First post on a new website, after taking a brief time off. This was due to many issues, mostly with finding a way to continue with what I had already started during the pandemic. 

Now I have done the legwork again to start a new website and continue what I have started in 2020. I plan on providing more information, bits of information. Might be useless or not, but will try to look at it a different way or angle. Not always useful but something worth noting when dealing with something else later on. Divide and conquer! 

The overall plan is to make the website more responsive for mobile users. Who reads blogs and use a desktop or laptop these days anyways?!? 

Seriously, I want to have a better experience for my readers, followers and those just curious about what it is exactly that I do, talk about and so forth. 

So Hello everyone and welcome to The Merry Bacchus! 

Reliable Direction

So with the Hello everyone out of the way. Lets get to work with getting back on track. I am sure that we all want some form of reliable direction. It so hard to find a lot of credible information. Not to mention that we all have some form of subliminal form guiding our actions in one way or another. A lot of the time we don’t notice it either. I am just the type of person that is and will try to point that out. 

We all need a reliable way to do all of this and it starts with you. You have to understand that you are the one who needs to get past your hangups and try to move forward. By understanding the things that you do that may hold you back or limiting yourself will not go well in finding your reliable direction and give you that balance you are really looking for! 

I am not one to just tell you such things like some half cocked influencer or blogger. I went through this a few times to know what works. Regardless of your personality, or attitude. You need to find that balance to find the reliable direction that will help you and continue to help you grow and move forward! 

Learning from failure is what gives you experience, the knowledge from it only gives you the ability to move forward.

Someone who knows

Let’s get to it…

So we established balance, a somewhat reliable direction. Now lets start to figure it all out. I am even trying to figure it out right now as well. I am just crazy enough to put it out there for others to learn, or find the drama in it. Sort of like a train wreck, you can’t stop watching it unfold! 

There is always more to this story, but that is for later. Let us work on a few foundation blocks first. Since this is a new blog, new direction, but the goal is still the same. To help others and also grow outside my comfort zone to get to where I used to be so long ago. Small steps, small steps! 

Ok, I know by now. Your wondering who the hell is this guy telling me something I already know. 

True you may know this already, but have you actually acted on it???

Could of, Would of, Should of, doesn’t cut it. Learn to just go out and try. Learning from your mistakes, doesn’t make you weak. It makes you stronger, and experienced in knowing about it to continue moving forward to get to it!

Get in Touch

Learning from failure is what gives you experience, the knowledge from it only gives you the ability to move forward. Keep trying to fail and don’t try to succeed all the time. You never learn anything doing it that way. Kind of like paying for followers and wonder why nobody interacts with you. Grow organically and learn from your mistakes and it will be an awesome, hair pulling adventure!!!


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