Getting it all together again…

So it’s been a weird month for me. I did a full reset on the website. Took some time off to literally reassess my mental health. I have been feeling a lot of apprehension about what I have been doing. Getting it all together yet again for 2023!

The biggest part I did figure out was to finally understand that I needed to just be alone from social, blogging and try to deal with the holidays. The last few years have been hard when I don’t have contact with my kids, or friends.

This has kind of made me feel a little socially awkward, but learning to keep moving forward. It is not easy to go through any of this, but also learning to open up and get in touch with a therapist in order to work through some of this.

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Time to go forth…

What a crazy time to get back into the game. I would say that I have been working a lot even going through such mental things, but also was thinking about how to best go after some goals that I have originally set up before covid.

It’s like I need to just forget the past 2 years and just repair the damages, reassess, and continue to what I was trying to do. Just that now, I have the past 3 years to add to new knowledge, skills, and direction.

So the plan is…

I wanted to continue to work on helping new bloggers, but also go through the dirty part of setting up a website. Just because your doing videos, you still need a website to put them up and be able to be found. Just because a platform is around, doesn’t mean that you can’t reshare it on your site or even if your doing a gaming site, you have feeds and videos about games, news.

So now I still wish to do that, but also give tips and info about what I am currently dealing with work, life and blogging in general. We all are learning about this, new and old. There is always something new coming along. I tend to look for quick, easy and free. Not trying to be cheap, but when your doing a lot of this by yourself so you want something that isn’t going to break the bank.

Next step is to keep at it and also give out whatever I have learned so others don’t do the same thing. Not everything will be the same, but you will get the process and have a better understanding of what is needed and what is expected of you to get done before you ever write that first post.

Here’s a quick list to get started: : :

  • Start with personal branding at first. Your trying to establish an audience first. Post about yourself and what you do
  • Do look for a good .com domain name with something that you can live with, think tattoo
  • Use a decent hosting site that does monthly payments, and low intro rate. Trust me you will need this while starting out
  • Do some sort of research about what you want to write about. Not necessarily niche down, but research, write and then niche further if needed.
  • Use some form of fintech type of account for your payments and invoices. Examples are Revolut, Lili, Found
  • Keep a record of taxes, business licenses, invoices for services, etc. A lot can be deducted based upon if set up a llc or any corporation.
  • Invest in a portable hard drive, maybe two. One for backups, or files for your business, etc.
  • Remain open minded and don’t give up!
  • Keep going, need a pep talk? Dm me on social media. I love to dish out some positivity!!

I will go over some of these things later and a few cheats that you can use to get started right away and also be able to start putting out content. If you want this list feel free to ask me about it. Will be putting up a short checklist you can use to guide you about setting up a website in the fastest way possible and with the lowest cost until you are able to start bringing in money from those affiliate links…lol

I will break down the quick list further in the next post. I may have to make a few changes, but will serve it up soon enough! I think that a lot on this list is a no brainer, but when your doing all of this and your thinking that you need to get it done today! But you will find out that you may just need to have to wait due to something else to post or wait on the licenses, business forms, etc. So when that happens, read up on something you just don’t understand. Some can learn by watching a video, or read a 5 min article, like i try to do, or having someone tell them and show them. When you have down time, it is the best time to try to learn more about something, even if you are paying someone to do it. The point is to use the downtime for things you feel that is important enough for your business. Just don’t try to do all business work during your down time. Go out, enjoy nature or that social function. This is how you can get new ideas, or see a trend in the wild for that next post or social post. A great way to keep those creative juices flowing and also give you a break from the computer screen to soak up the sun!


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