Freelance or not to Freelance…

Freelance or not to Freelance. Now that is a question I have been thinking about many times lately. Who hasn’t? From the drug dealer down the street to the street hustler always looking for that next dollar…

What is freelancing???

Well, good question Timmy, it is working without the help, resources, and finances that an established company or business offers. Seems close enough.

What it really is…

Long days and nights without much sleep. Constantly chasing clients to either pay or get updated details about the project. This doesn’t matter if you even use Fiverr or Upwork. You still have to work out the details of the project, any upgrades, time extensions, etc. Are we seeing a pattern here?

Look, I am not saying it’s easy or even hard. It’s what you want to deal with and how much you really want it. No damn guru will mention this. Because it is about selling the product. Truth works better in the long run than just a quick grab of a few bucks.

Do what you know…

Easier said than done really. I like doing a lot of things, but not quite good enough to make a business out of it. Although I like creating things. From this blog, 3D printing, playing games, or creating content from game streaming. The biggest lesson here is to try a few things and see how you could make some money from it.

By far the easiest would be anything that doesn’t involve physical inventory. Yeah, there’s dropshipping, copywriting, Amazon, and such. What many haven’t thought about is that you still have to pay for the domain, hosting, platform subscriptions, etc. I am literally tired of that crap. I rather try to steal a $1 on each email open than that.

  • Web Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Copywriter
  • Social Media Manager
to ask if you like the list to the left and to further think about freelancing

Make it easy…seriously…

Listen, Linda, this isn’t everyone’s first trip in looking for some way to make an extra buck. I wish I had that few things that did work. Some side hustles or passive projects may work for you may not work for Homer down the street. The biggest obstacle I found for me, is finding the resources, since from past posts about bootstrapping. The other thing is what will work for me? I have tried dropshipping several times, and frankly, while I can set up and get a catalog all linked, etc. I could push that for a sub-niche for dropshippers.

The biggest part of this job is just to keep things easy. If you find writing copy and doing marketing type of things your jam, go for it. The biggest thing to figure out is what works best for you. Not many want to do a truthful assessment of their skills and see what their path forward is.

Cons over Pros…

There will be plenty of different viewpoints on their choice of cons. This is understandable. We all have something that is more important to us. While this is my take on the pros and cons, most of the ones I have is parrotted by others across the interwebs…

So what are the most common cons? Let’s see, long hours, low pay, and easy to give up. No help or hard-to-explain vision. There are a few others to add. Each of these is just the most common. While freelancing, many will get, “What do you do for work” or “You make money doing that online, is it legal?” Ignorance is bliss…so they say.

Some pros of being a freelancer is having the freedom to work anywhere. Although not having a house or other trappings can be freeing if not having a lot of stuff to deal with( think Dinks, and Sinks, etc). Having the ability to change your mind about what kind of work and how much you want to make or want to work on. No schedules or cubicles. This part of the list can be rather long or short depending on your mindset.

What I learned so far…

I am still learning about freelancing and how it all works. Most of this is from before COVID-19 and slowly taking a look into what I knew and what I wanted to either do or write about. This is how this blog was created. What I didn’t know or expect was that my idea as an entrepreneur/freelancer was that not everyone made any money right off the bat. I worked a PT job while trying to build a brand and doing some dropshipping projects. Still doing this process, but now it’s harder to pay for it all.

You will see or notice that your path will change and the direction to accomplish the end goal will also. As long as you stay true to your goal then there is nothing stopping you. Learning to shift a little while freelancing gives you the flexibility that many do not have.

Freelance or not to Freelance


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