Flexibility is vital…

Flexibility is vital to how we grow and learn. Something that many don’t even think about with any care. Most of the time we are way too rigid in thinking and procedures in how we work or get work done. To be flexible in many aspects of work, and in life is key to being happy overall in your life.

What is flexibility???

This is something that many will have different opinions and takes on the subject. For some flexibility is being able to do what they want when not working, or others may want more flexible working times or days.

This all is based on what you feel, how you perceive things around you, etc. There are many factors to weigh in when it comes to being flexible. While it may mean more than just being physically flexible, there is the mental and desirability to be flexible, which means that sometimes you do need to venture out of your comfort zone a little to be flexible. While also keeping your emotions in check as you are flexible.

Not all places of businesses are flexible in their work environment, or even in their command structure hence why it is hard to get some things done in some places of employment. So how does this work when you are a freelancer? Good question. Since a lot of the time, you will not know if they are flexible until you are actually in the position and experiencing it firsthand!

flexibility is vital

Being flexible in today’s environment…

So you now know a little about being flexible. What it sort of means to be flexible. So what about mentally and putting it to use? Good question. This is something I have been dealing with for all my life. I don’t plan on stopping, it literally saves me time and energy about being stiff and rigid in thinking. This sort of brings in that dreaded “pride” that tends to hold you back or stay rigid. By taking the time to actually go with the flow, even though you are not wanting to do it. You allow yourself to learn something from the experience overall. Doesn’t matter if it’s about you personally or about work. Having the ability to be flexible in what you are doing is what makes work less dull and tedious. Not to mention that you also do something different than the same old thing. Unless you like doing monotonous tasks all the time without any deviation.

Hey, what about flexibility in work? How do I be flexible at work or deal with this at work? Yes, sometimes we do need to be rigid when it comes to personal attacks on the private parts of our lives. Yet we also need to be flexible to do other tasks outside our usual work tasks. This could mean that you are doing something not related to your job title but maybe doing a different task. Many may balk at doing this or even threaten to quit or have some kind of violent outburst. This is rigid thinking and not willing to compromise or try something new.

Yes, you are doing something unrelated, but if you are observant enough, you will notice that you may gain experience in something that you could use later on. Think of it this way, you get a chance to pick up experience in working as a group, or how to deal with time management, and resources while you are doing it yourself or with a team. This is probably the best way to pick up experiences that you would literally have to pay for in college or those boot camps!

In summary…

Just a quick take on flexibility and how to use it in work, in life, and everywhere in between. Plenty of ways other than the few I wrote about here to be flexible. The biggest takeaway is to go with the flow and pick up something from the overall experience. Do not let pride keep you from learning something or experiencing something different than the usual monotony of work. Feel free in being able to just go out and pick something new up and get a chance to venture out of your comfort zone a little, while getting paid, and grow. You just might be able to use that newly gained experience for something other than at work! Want to read more about experience and learning? Read this post Moving past start to learn about being flexible and open-minded as a freelancer!


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