Finding Support…

Like the title says. Finding support these days is hard. Whether it is from family or friends, or support from the services or app you use. This post is about a little frustration and how to find the support you need to keep moving forward.

The support search…

One of the best ways to find support from family or friends is to flash some cash in front of them literally and they will be on board. Unless you are the black sheep of the family, then it may need more than just cash.

Seriously, finding support or help in anything involves money, sweet talk, persuasion skills, or other means necessary. While it’s not easy to find help. We all have that little thing called ego and pride that tends to hold us back in many things. This is what it means by “bootstrapping” means. Doing it yourself and paying for it all yourself. I have been doing this since I was a kid. I could never find help or support.

So how do you elicit help from others? You could ask, or send out a message on a few social media apps. The next question would be how do you vet these people who want to help? Do you use Upwork or Fiverr?? These 2 are good for making sure everyone is verified and not a scammer of some kind. I am on both for gigs and get some help with other things on this blog or side projects.

Got support and now…

Awesome you got some support and either paid for it or was offered help. That’s great, now what? The next step is getting them up to speed and also to understand what you need them to help you out with.

Sometimes you do need to explain it like someone is 5 to be understood when getting help and support on something. Hence, when the term KISS comes around, literally means Keep It Simple Stupid. Yes, it’s your baby and you are nervous about losing control of a little aspect of your project. Relax, control freak. It will be ok. You have to remember they may know more about your issue than you.

Having a way to explain your issue clearly is not an easy task for many. While you may know a lot of some things, unloading on your help with information that isn’t relevant to the task at hand. Keep it clear, and easy to understand and it will go smoothly.

Support and finding help is not always easy.

Sometimes you need to play the waiting game…

Support tips…

One of the best things I can tell anyone who is having issues with finding support is to start with the help forums. Since most of the time, any new posts will get looked over rather quickly before the actual company gets involved. A lot of the time you will notice that someone has had the same experience as you and found a solution.

Once in the help section, look up the Contact Us part and notice what options you have. Usually, there will be an email (usually a general email), a phone number, and times to best call. Some will offer live chat, ( coinbase chat is usually unavailable due to volume) but many will close the chat due to volume issues or staffing problems. Staffing problems are the norm these days. Outsourcing and layoffs have affected public sentiment in a lot of companies and it shows.

Another option is to ask for help on general social media platforms, like Reddit, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Sometimes the mods can help if they are paying attention enough. Not always though. Having to use this option can be a little frustrating since some answers will not be relevant or not close at all. You are warned!

Last Ditch support…

If all else fails or you still looking for support. Try the phone numbers, while they may be quicker, you will need patience.

Support these days is not what it used to be a decade ago. Many online services have cut their staff in these departments and now are facing issues with sentiment for current users. A lot have closed down any ways to directly contact support other than email or phone. The forums on the service platform are usually your best bet for finding the answers you need in a hurry.

As for just getting any kind of help, I still haven’t gotten any real help or support, keep trying. Eventually, someone has to give you a chance. Why I am speaking out about this issue and what these so-called gurus will not tell you or the time it takes to make their “systems” actually work. Besides your input. Support is required to make anything work. Bootstrapping everything yourself is not always viable.


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