Do you need help???

Do you need help for this week or maybe for the month? I don’t know about you, but I sure could use help.

What do you start to think about when you’re stressing yourself out about it?

The end of the world, throw a fit (tantrums for those my age…lol). Or do you try and take a step back for a moment, and reassess the situation?

Just breathe, take stock of where you are at, and what you currently have, and then make a decision and run with it. Trust me, as a seasoned troubleshooter, follow your gut. 9 times out of 10 it will be the best decision. Somehow divine energy will steer you. Sort of like your 1st decision was the right one even after doing it another way first.

Don’t ever second guess yourself. This only plants that seed of doubt and will mess with you. Please don’t do this. It’s self-defeating and self-destroying. Be comfortable in your decisions. No matter what outcome transpires, you will learn something from it.

How to find help…

Let’s start off with how to find the help you need. Where do you start?

You can start by looking at all those freelance platforms. Like Fiverr, and Upwork. Yet you have to go through all those profiles and do a few interviews and portfolio searches.

But does this free you up any? Maybe a little. For me, the better way is to use your LinkedIn profile to find what you looking for. Many will be willing to do something for little money. The quality of help will be better since many are looking for work, and you might get more qualified and hire a person for your team.

Finding help further…

While doing the above may seem tedious, well it is. You want to be sure, but you want to look for attitude, more than just skills. You need the person to be open enough to what your plan is for your current project.

This is where you have to be a little focused and direct when looking at potential candidates for a task you may be working on. While using the contractor platforms you’re looking to have a task completed. While if you’re looking for help on social media or LinkedIn you hiring for a position that may not be ready.

Think about this. When you post a message on social media, you will get flooded. Wording your post about specifics may help weed out some applicants. There is still a need to organize the applications, but you will find a few for future projects.

You could also use your professional contacts to help find talent for those little tasks. Even posting on Linkedin through your network will get you a few leads that can help you on later projects or tasks later on. Basically, you’re putting it out on blast over social media networks to find someone to do a task quickly and at a low cost.

Did this help any???

I know some of this is not new, but having to refocus on what you’re looking for help and getting the help you need is not easy. Neither is the task of trying to weed out applicants just to do a task you have no time for. This is where you have to release some control and put forth the expectations on the task to get it done. Yes, you may have some reservations about the finished product. Yet, you will have something that will work, and you will be able to keep moving forward.

The biggest takeaway I want you to get from this is that there is help out there, regardless of your experiences in using the platforms looking for work or even contracting for work. You have to keep an open mind, able to release some creative control, while also keeping in mind your finances for paying for their services. It does get better and easier because every failure brings you that much closer to success!


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