Customer Service is lacking customer service…

Incoming slight rant about how Customer Service is lacking these days. Customer service is lacking in customer service a lot these days. It shows if you are an entrepreneur and had to deal with support on anything you have going on. So what can you really do? Nothing really, you are at their mercy…

Customer service is lacking…

So what is going on with customer service these days? Nobody really knows. Not even those who actually work in the call centers for these companies. If you try to go through the automated flows or go through a troubleshooting wizard, you tend to get the same responses. Better yet, you may get you need to contact support but find out that the chat is closed due to volume. Which tells you a lot about the company they are.

If you manage to get ahold of an agent through chat, you may not get the answers you want or find that they just restated what you found out on your own already. Which is pointless since now you are on the merry-go-round. My recent experience with chat agents is that most of them really can’t help you or do anything on your account.

A few CS hell examples…

I have been dealing with Meta on closing a business portfolio account. While I ended up creating a new standalone account. Dealing with chat support and no real way of figuring out what needs to be verified to close out an account. So lately it’s playing the waiting game, since most removals or anything with Meta Business Center involves a 3-day wait. Unless you are having a business page verified which can take up to 4 weeks!!!

Robinhood is really terrible with customer service. Chats are usually closed due to support volumes. Multiple times if you send an email, you will get a canned response and nothing related to your initial issue. They tend to have a habit of closing accounts without telling the customer without any notice or informing them. Which if you have any money in there, you may not even get your money back! It is rare, but has happened. For me, all my accounts were closed down before I could use that part of the account. Now only have access to the investment part (only have less than 2$ in crypto there) and can’t close the account till I add money, with their fees, and then withdraw it, with their fees again, to an account. Really a literal pain in the ass. The agent doesn’t know anything about my account or can do anything. So are you the FAQ person or support???

Another example hell, and its a recent one too. This one is from Walmart One card. Not quite sure what is going on here, but it seems the app is rather buggy, or the server is really slow and bogged down. Tried to activate a card to replace the quick setup card you buy in the store. After opening the letter and jumping on the app to activate the card, the app froze or had a stroke. It just wouldn’t let me hit the confirm button to activate my card. Even went thru to add a pin to the card. After 2 chats, one I had to restart since the app was losing connection even though my phone was fine with wifi connection. Now after all of the frustrations and such. They are mailing me another card through snail mail. Which takes 7-10 days.

Customer Service: Can it come back???

Definitely seeing a pattern here with customer service lately. It seems for all the issues going on, laying off those who, clearly represent your company in support is not the way to go. Seems Meta, Robinhood, Coinbase, and a few others, they need support. Otherwise, like us bloggers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers will speak out on social media about how they are acting. It already has been posted on their lack of support overall.

With this type of pattern happening, makes you wonder if anyone does their job fully or just enough to get it barely done. I am thinking the latter because most of the younger workforce literally just don’t give a shit. Just there doing the bare minimum to collect a paycheck. It brutally shows in how I have been reading on various platforms all talking about how support is not there and we have to figure it out ourselves. This means that we literally have to hack our way through their services and try to make it work. The forums are full of freelancers, all complaining about the lack or the very long wait times for support. Some make it easy to find support, others not so much. They like to hide the information so you can’t call them. Hence why chat support is usually closed or has narrow times they are available.

Customer Service summary…

So since I literally spent time just dealing with customer service on 2 accounts for my freelancer portfolio, it’s come down to playing the waiting game. For Robinhood, I guess I will have to add money somehow and then withdraw what I put in. Unfortunately, I will have to eat the fees, but will definitely leave a bad review.

I worked in Customer Service for several years. Liked it, even though I got yelled at a few times. I learned more about the overall industry and how some of these companies will usually outsource their customer service to another country. It is all because they want to watch their bottom line. Not the product or service they offer, but their shareholders and bottom line. Executives need that bonus money before any workers see any of the money they made for the company.

Time will tell in how much these companies will survive if they continue to slack off on their customer service and make it harder for anyone to do business with them. For me I will loudly shout my experiences about them, so others will be prepared for their lack of effort to make anything right.


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