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Cooking Skills

So you want to make dinner instead of opening a few cans or boxes in order to eat. Well, this page is just for you! This page is geared towards you for learning a few techniques that I have learned over the years when it comes to prepping for a dish.

The biggest thing is to be safe, go slow at first. Your confidence and skill will get better the more you practice, by creating new dishes, to be faster and more confident in cooking your recipe. With safety in mind and you’re ready to start, get your area set up and organized. What is known as Mise en place.

What to know first…

With all your ingredients to prep for the dish ready. The biggest thing to think about is what is needed and how it needs to be prepped. This will ensure a good outcome for the dish. There is a good practice of dry and wet ingredients mixed together first then adding the wet to the dry. In dishes with mostly produce and proteins. Everything can be added all at once. Seasoning usually will come near the end for maximum flavor.

The biggest question is whether to use fresh or dried herbs for flavoring. With the leafy types of herbs and spices, some have a better flavor and aroma profile when dried than fresh. Although fresh can have a bigger impact on your food. This is due to the oils within the fresh herbs. Spices are similar as well. For instance, Paprika can be heated in a saucepan to produce a darker Paprika and change the flavor profile as well. Not all will taste better when heated, but try a few and see what happens and how it will taste.

My other suggestion is to buy something small (and in a large quantity) of bottles for all the new spice and herb blends you will be creating to use for other things.

Always be open minded, flexible and above all else have fun and enjoy what you have created!

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