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Welcome to some of the most used resources I use when looking for deals on travel, co-working, eating and anything related to living away from your home. Most of the these will change from time to time. If you have others that I haven’t included, drop me an email. I will be glad to add it and give me why you like it and how you use it.

Flight tools

Skyscanner – This app is great for finding that flight at a cheap price before you head out. A great resource that you can set alerts and will even do some searches for any country, usually most major cities. Give it a try!

Google Flights – This is a major resource to purchase flights. Which gives you a good search engine in order to look up flights, restrictions if any, and links to purchase the flight.

Hopper – A valuable tool to have on hand for looking for flights using a search feature. Will also provide updates, other stops to lower flight amount. Worthy of having when keeping tabs on flights others may miss.


Airbnb – While this is possibly one of the most used, it does gives you the option to stay in an area like a local. A great way to rent locally without breaking the bank. Whether its a room, studio, flat or even a whole house, plenty of choices to live locally to enjoy the sights.

Hostelworld – A valuable resource if you are needing to find a lower priced place to sleep, while not sacrificing services. Plenty of resources here to search for things you look for in a hotel without the high price tag. Great for solo travellers and backpackers. – While this is a one stop shop for travel. The hotel search feature is packed full of filters to find a place to crash for the night or a few days. Good resource to have if looking for a car rental too!

Trivago – One of my favorites to use. Only deals with hotels and is quick in its search. Plenty of filters, including hotel location, accommodation type and filters which includes hostels and dorms. Not to mention will give you a total price for the dates chosen for your stay. Awesome!

Co-Working Spaces

DeskBookers – A great resource for when you just need to conversate with other like minded people, and you want a good wifi connection! Have plenty of searching power to find you a place to get some work done. Plenty of listing all over the world with features and contact information.

CoWorkWorldwide – a great resource to find that place in many cities world wide. With plenty of information to rent short term or monthly for large groups.

Copass – This site provides you the option to purchase a pass in which to use many other co-working spaces all over the world. Makes it easy to sign in after purchasing a pass. With 750+ places in which to use, your sure to find a place somewhere to enjoy the view, people and get work done and get out to enjoy the country.

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