key to keeping balance is knowing when you lost it.

How’s Your Balance?

No, seriously. Things are becoming hard to keep it

I know we all feel that our attention is put on a few things. While there are bigger issues that we seem to be unaware of.

Regardless of your choice of path in life. There still is a need for some sort of balance within yourself. You need to eat, and sleep. Etc.

This is somewhat about that, Balance.

We need to remain focused and bright and cheery on the outside. While on the inside we are plotting our next move…Or the urge to throttle a few things out of frustration. We don’t know what goes through our minds. Yet it is a balance we all take.

Dancing on the razor’s edge…

Ever thought that you wanted to do something and still haven’t started out yet? Now is the time to get to it. We are at a point to take that risk. You’ll come out better than you may think. The point is not to always succeed on the first try. Are you serious?? LOL.

No seriously the point is even though you may have failed once, you LEARNED SOMETHING from the failure. This is how you gain experience. Knowledge to not make that mistake again. Look at the positive side of it. Next time you just might go viral in some way. Just try and see what happens.

What I have learned so far is beyond words.

The biggest thing is trying something new, learning more about it, and seeing what works and doesn’t.

While the market is considered oversaturated, it still brings a lot of people looking to sell, and also to buy.

Nothing new to me. I was trying it out several years ago when a lot of the latest tech wasn’t out. Talk about a steep learning curve!

Don't stop quote.

Things to try first

  • Go try what work that’s free
  • If you notice something more than a few times across social media, pay attention.
  • See above, may be trending. If you are local, even better
  • Make a list and plan of action ( I hate it too, but it works. Apps incl. Trello, Evernote, etc.)
  • This list is rather funny, but that’s the point. The idea comes out in many ways, pay attention to the idea, not the errors.


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  1. Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article! It is the little changes that will make the largest changes. Many thanks for sharing!

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