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Bacchus Regroup…

So I figured that I would do a regroup of sorts. To talk about what talk about or even really do. Maybe it would be best to just take a look at my social media channels and find out. You will see the many ups and down. Especially on some of my posts on Tumblr.

I tend to write a lot about bootstrapping, entrepreneurship and what’s going on with myself as I navigate some of these things that we all go through when dealing with being a freelancer, entrepreneur, and even a side gig hustler. I just want to share what I am dealing with and hope that someone out there gets something useful from what I am doing. Some of the biggest things I try to do is not think so similarly to mainstream society. Meaning I don’t think age should be a real factor in many things, or appearances should put us in a category. You still have to follow most of the laws and have to be a decent human to others.

Off the vine…

So I have been thinking about a lot of things and have figured out that I still like to write, and do marketing stuff. Hell, I have even been playing around with my 3D printer a little. I now have to redial it back in but should be ok.

One reason why I tend to ramble a little but still keep on writing post after post. Not because I want attention. But I enjoy being able to write and get an idea out and let it flow for a quick 5-minute read and see what little nuggets I can share with others. The others written stuff is on my socials.

I also have been drink free for basically the past 2 years with only a drink for my current profile pic on IG. If you have read my previous blog, then you know what I am talking about, or check it out for yourself here IGPage. Besides, I miss having a glass of beer or wine now and then. Just not something I want to jump back in when I do enjoy my thc more without such the crappy side effects associated with alcohol.

So do have some sort of idea to do with the name? Since Bacchus is the god of wine, spirits, and good times. I still encompass a little of this essence, but miss the allure of the nip of hops at your nose, or the smell of the wine and all of its aromas bursting forth.

inspirational and motivational
No one else is supposed to understand your calling, it wasn’t a conference call.

Back at it again…

After taking a few months off to regroup and refocus. I came back and decided to have a better go this time around than what I decided to do in the last few months. I wanted to be able to have something that was more useful, able to be a quick read on mobile, more to the point of what I wanted to discuss. I feel that I wasn’t doing that in my previous blog. So Back at it again. Maybe better the second time around, after all, I am doing a Bacchus regroup to see what happens this time.

This time around I have decided to try a few more things and see how it goes. While I am still working on the investing part, it is something that I don’t want to dump a lot of money into just yet. While starting any form of dropshipping or print-on-demand might be easier to get into, still looking for something that may be a little more passive. So far just need to set it up and have a little extra cash to get it going. Stay tuned!


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