About Bacchus

Who is Bacchus:

Currently in Tucson, AZ what some of the locals call the “Dirty T” or the Old Pueblo. A gritty type of town with a small-town feel and big-city problems. Sounds familiar? The best part is this is the first city of Gastronomy by UNESCO. Living the life as a cook, I feel confident to know a few things about the industry.

So what do I do really? Nothing important for many, but do enjoy hiking, camping, cooking, and doing anything creative and even writing a blog that barely gets any views. It’s more of me journaling what I do in my free time, which can be a lot on some days. Why I also do some game streaming to help with the boredom between doing something.

Me in my natural element. An older picture, but still has the shirt and the tattoos. Water bottle got lost after 12 years! At the stop around the 3.7 mile in Sabino Canyon Park. Great place to do a nice 7 mile walk on a paved surface! One of my favorite place to go do some hiking, taking photos and anything outdoors!