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A list is just a list…

So you are thinking about where to start and maybe you want to be lazy enough to not have to actually write out a list.

Well, I get it. Because I feel the same way most of the time. Look having some sort of list where you can do notes or something like that is handy. Even better is when it is prefilled with some useful tips and how you can keep track of your progress.

A list is just a list, but you have to start somewhere and go through the list and figure out where to start first and also keep track of where you have been. Not to mention all of those brainstorming ideas you will also need to figure out what to do next.

So where’s this list?

Yeah, yeah. You want this list and go through it. Maybe dissect it a little. Well, this is based on what I went through and can remember to put it on the list in order for someone else not to go through such an issue.

Yeah, there may be some things already known, or done already. The main thing is that you pay attention to some items on this list that may be needed to be completed before you can go toward the next item on the list. I try to keep that in mind because sometimes you feel like you are all over the place, but in a way you are not.

So without any further waiting text…Here is the link to the Blog list below.

Free the lists!!!

So here is the list I created for you to be able to stay on your own. I believe this list is just something you can get started with and become comfortable in getting a new blog started without having any significant issues.

The biggest hurdle you will face is the domain setup, establishing your passwords for the hosting, WordPress admin( if not using the hosting’s own control panel), and access to the database if needed.

Usually, with most hosting services, you will usually need to deal with just the admin page for WordPress and the mailbox.

Hosting setup…

This is rather quick and painless. From my experience with Bluehost, Siteground, and now Dreamhost. They will usually give you an email address to set up. The biggest question is what name to use so people can contact you!

I’m sure you have been to a few websites and you see a lot of them as or something like that. This keeps your personal email free from spam, annoying messages, and etc, etc. I would highly recommend that you set this up and use this as a means for potential clients to contact you. Keeps it simple, free from the other emails you normally get in your personal account. Also provides you better access to add contacts( great for marketing lists), and spam filtering is easier with more control. Did I mention it’s coming from your website and not your personal email???

And another thing…

Please, please save what you used to change the password. Save it in a document file or a text file. Save it on your portable hard drives as a backup. This is important because if you make changes, you will need to revert back to where it was working as you want and can try again. More on dealing with backups for WP in a later post. I do hope you find this useful. I know it’s not that great or even something new. Sometimes we just need to have a resource that can steer us in the right direction. Besides, I can be lazy with some things and will use a resource like this list to help with remembering the process. Enjoy!


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