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Figured that I needed a little time out and about. It was a little weird at first, but then wasn’t expecting it to be busy in my usual spot either!

So I ventured to another place, regardless of it being hot. I wanted to go camping before the big holiday weekend.

Apps and BLM land maps…

While I was unable to get a decent spot on the mountain. Decided to go to the desert instead.

With help, I was able to find two places close by and chose one that is closer to town.

My search started once I had left. Was looking forward to being on the mountain in cool temperatures. Once I got back down and sat in a shady spot for a few minutes. I was able to download the Dyrt app and find a few spots close by. I chose to hit near Marana area for a small narrow strip of BLM land. (Here is the link to the website

It was not hard to find, but you may miss the turn to either side if you’re driving too fast! Like I did, even in the daytime!

Once, I found it. Started driving to see how a few spots were and most didn’t have hardly any shade. Although I did find a nice spot with a good pit already created and wood stacked up for the next camper!

The wind was blowing, hot but the sun was going down. It was nice to get out of my comfort zone a little and enjoy the outdoors.

pink chair
pink chair camping

Roll with it…

Once I had somewhat made camp, organized nothing. I got myself something to drink and sat down. I just sat there in silence for about an hour. Listening to the wind go through the bushes and the cactus.

It was nice to be able just to relax, regardless of what was going on and how hot it was outside.

The hardest part was just adjusting to being alone and camping. Something I haven’t done in several years. I even brought a notebook. Since I don’t have a way to power my laptop. I went to the next best thing. Notebook and a pen and pencil.

Only doing an overnighter, still had other things the next day. I was glad to not be in a hotel room and be able to listen to her whisper through the bushes and cactus. Love it all!

Time to unload…

One of the main reasons I wanted to go camping was to unload a bunch of mental junk I have been storing in my head. For some reason, I ended up gathering a lot of useless information, with useful information.

I had to clear my head, away from the laptop, streaming services, etc. Basically, I needed to unplug a little. While I still had cell phone access and did some research on the useful information. I mostly enjoyed the stars at night.

I downloaded a night star map. It was nice to be able to see what constellations were out. While enjoying the cooler night. It did give me the opportunity to see a few meteors streak across the sky!


If you feel that you are not ready to go camping by yourself. Try your living room and if you have room, put up your tent, unless it needs staking. Roll out your sleeping bag and try that at first.

Besides, I have written about going Out and About and just go explore!

Have fun and enjoy the outdoors once in a while!

(yes I did grab the plastic bag for pack it out!)

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