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So I went out and did a little hike down to Tanque Verde Falls or “Chiva falls” by us locals.

It is a popular spot to hang out and enjoy the water. It can be less crowded than in Sabino Canyon and not under much scrutiny from park rangers.

While it is in Coronado Forest lands, a lot of the area is under BLM jurisdiction. Mostly because of the cattle ranchers that have been in the area since before we came out this way.

lower falls
lower falls

Needed a hike…

So once I got there and checked out what the skies might hold, I decided to start walking down towards the falls. It was nice and hot by the time I got to the bottom, but there were plenty of flowers blooming.

I haven’t been to these falls in a long time. Being this set of falls the easier to get to, but the parking is a lot less due to being on a primitive road.

The best part of going to Chiva falls is that it’s a lot more area in which to enjoy the water. Plenty of spots to camp out for the day and enjoy the sun and the water. During monsoon season it can be either full or about dry. Depending on how the rains were a few days before. Not to mention that the road across the wash might be closed during heavy rainfall.

So here is a short video I posted to my other social media sites to find your bliss for about 20 seconds. Listening to only the sound of the falls.

I have always loved finding water and being able to sit by the sound of the falls and connect with nature while having my thoughts sorted out.

Think of it like this. You are able to have a clearer head while outdoors and can work through most of your issues while outdoors. You are not distracted by all the electronics around you. It’s just your senses and nature.

It is great to sit next to a waterfall and just let your thoughts wander. To find your inner peace, even if it is for a little while. You will be amazed at how well you can sit there and, literally do nothing…Well, almost nothing. Might have to dodge the other groups out there!

If you venture out there…

The fastest way to get there is by driving down Tanque Verde Rd, Most of the way will be as you headed towards Mt Lemmon or Catalina Hwy. Stay on Tanque Verde Rd as it will turn into Reddington Rd.

There are no spots to stop or pull over along the paved sections of Reddington Rd once you pass the last house. There is a tight hairpin turn and about of a mile of paved road before it becomes a primitive road.

The biggest thing to remember is that once you are on the dirt road part, there will be runoffs across the road and even a few trucks riding your bumper on occasion. Low cars or sedans will have the hardest time. It is passable, but any venture further past the falls might have problems with your suspension!

yellow danger banner
rough road ahead!

Be careful if you happen to venture past the falls and camping areas. There is open range for shooting past mile 6. You will sometimes hear shooting if you’re close.

For those with AWD or better, and a full tank of gas. You can even venture up towards Benson or San Manuel going over this route. This will be when I can find a replacement vehicle for my low compact car. Besides, I don’t think it would last that long suspension-wise!

Enjoy the falls, and beware of nude sunbathers, snakes, and sudden rain during monsoon season. Please also pack out your trash. There are no trash cans out there. Take water and above all else have fun and enjoy what nature has given you!

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