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Ever feel like you need to get away these days and not worry about what the consequences are once you are done? Me neither…

Went for a drive…

So the other day I decided to go out for a little drive and find a few places I have been keeping my eye on. It was mostly where I want to go hiking and now have at least two places in which to start it and be able to hike a good portion of the park!

I have been wanting to visit Saguaro National Park East for a while now and have not really found anything worth going to. This was before the expansion and the overhaul of the main gate of the park.

Now after yesterday’s drive, I was able to find the place I was looking for. Finally!

Broadways trailhead…

This is a no-frills trailhead here. While there are more signs and information posted, this is a spot that has a few trails that branch off right off the trailhead.

The biggest part of this trailhead is that there is a dead end of about 1500 ft. The parking is available in the median or on the roadway. You just have to make sure you are fully off the paved roadway for this trailhead. If you don’t feel comfortable there is the Douglas Spring trailhead north at the end of Speedway Blvd with a few more spots and is on a dead-end.

Broadway Trailhead sign
Picture of Broadway Trailhead.

Nice and hot day for sure!

Seriously, I have to get an updated map for the park in order to go hike this part of it. While I can go to the front gate, I just don’t feel like paying 15$ to visit the park. This is where the National Park Pass, you know the 80$ to 100$ pass, helps you with access.

Loma Alta Trailhead…

This trailhead takes a few minutes to get to. It is on the end of a dead-end road. Just like a few ghost towns around the area!

When you get here, there is an open lot for about 6 to 8 cars. Not much else is available but a good view of the street you came up on. Other than a few signs about the wildlife dangers and encounters, away you go!

view of Loma Alta Trailhead
Parking Lot of Loma Alta Trailhead

Lets hike…

So the plan is to possibly go and hike a few trails in the park. Tracking down a current topo or trail map would be helpful. May go to the visitor center and grab a trail map and possibly a new Park pass while I am there. I figured since I wrote this post about me coming up on a Milestone. I figured that I would finally go and hike this park. Does anyone want to go with me?

But at least when I went back out a while later. I went out to Tucson Mountain Park. It is a nice park connected to the western part of Saguaro National Park. Getting there is by a few ways. The best way is through Gates Pass. It is a pass, and the view is unbelievable when you first go down!

I was able to find a great spot and took a nice sunset picture without a lot of people hanging out as it can be on some sunsets. So be prepared to drive a little to find a spot or share one.

Sunset picture
Arizona sunset

A great sight and a nice and cool enough breeze than the oppressive heat we have been dealing with! A great way to enjoy the view of nature and have a moment of peace.

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