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Working from home, again…

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I have noticed that the southeastern part of the US is getting hit hard with storms and overall bad weather. Not just a typical spring storm, but ones that have destroyed small towns and homes.

Which brings up the desire to work from home. Not because of working conditions, but due to the overall changes in the weather. A lot of storms with tornadoes have gone through the area and still continue to hit the area.

Work from home career change…

You pivoted from one career into another one. This time around you want to figure out the uncertainty of working from home.

Yet you want to have a decent job, with some benefits. The real issue is what would you rather do?

There are plenty of customer service jobs out there. That is if you like talking on the phone and want to do a call center position at home. There are some trade-offs with this direction. Most are usually have to be on time and at your computer for several hours a day.

There are others like, the usual Fiverr, and Upwork sites. You have to market yourself and paste your link everywhere to get hits. Which has some upsides to it.

You are your own boss, and set up your own hours. Except you may have to deal with hard to deal with clients, but that’s like with any business deal.

What it means to pivot…

Yes, you want to change careers, since your burned out on your previous job. This time around you want more to your work. Something with meaning and to do something you enjoy doing. This is the biggest part of your choice to pivot into a different direction.

If your thinking of pivoting to something you always wanted to do, or go all in on your side project.

Then do some research about finances, schedule and length to get there. The last two can be changed based on finances. To pivot you want to at least be able to get a good start than trying to take a go at it without some financial help.

WFH is getting heat…again…

So now anyone wishing to work from home is getting pushback to not wanting to return to the office.

Companies are laying down the ultimatum with pay, and the work benefits as well. To the point of being real stingy on how to report and such.

Despite all of the horror stories you hear from /Reddit. They are winning the battle. Just a little at a time.

Meanwhile the corporations are still trying to recoup their losses from covid and it shows.

So the job market for freelancers, gig workers and the like are still going strong. As well as the new digital nomads that are showing up.

The heat is on to return back to the office. Yet many are ditching the job and going full in on their side projects.

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