Have you done your escapism today???

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Think about this for a minute. Each day we take one of those York peppermint moments of escape from whatever is going on around us.

You may not notice them all the time. It does raise the question of what are you doing to escape from reality these days?

Finding your favorite…

Since the idea is gaining steam…by a lot in a few recent searches and feeds. So what is really going on? Is everyone trying to escape to some alternate reality and forget the modern world for what is really going on?

Oh, yeah that is escapism. My favorite is to play Xbox, mostly Minecraft, and chill with the animals and explore. It does give me the feeling of being able to unwind after such a stressful world we all live in.

It comes down to what your interests are either before covid or even during and now. Some have been able to turn their escape into a thriving business or life change.

Going further…

Noticing that we, us humans are finding new ways to deal with reality. Some can mask it quite well. Others turn it into a thriving business!

No matter how you look at it, we are looking at ways to find a moment of peace or excitement. Away from work, the reality of the world, and others.

So why are we looking to escape and not…say…do it all the time?

Shall we escape a little?

Look we all are seeing these places pop up doing escape rooms, trips that deal with all the trappings of escapism.

Yes, even a lot of the festivals are using some form of escapism. Pick your path to escape. There are a lot of travel agents out there offering trips that cater to the escapism crowd. Even the cruise lines are offering this.

A lot of it may have to deal with, over the course of the pandemic, our need to get back with others and social interactions.

Instead of actually going back into the office. We are starting to take care of our mental health first, our means to escape second, and then work.

It’s possible that even being unable to find affordable housing is taking its toll on us. Giving us the means to find more favorable happiness and changing the way we actually think about how we interact with each other, and ways to combat

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