So I was thinking…

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I know a bad thought crossed your mind.

Seriously, it’s ok.

I was thinking about creating a dump file for all my drafts. A lot of them from right before Covid and the first year. Some I had envisioned to further expand upon and post. Now the thought is not relevant or related to what I am doing.

It does give you some insight into what I was thinking. Most of it is a few rough drafts during covid and haven’t updated them. Although I may still re-edit them and post them later. We shall see…

I tend to think a lot…

So I tend to think a lot while walking around Tucson or riding the bus. Most of the time I find it hard to get my thoughts down while out. So I will tweet it out or even post a poem about it on Tumblr as well.

I am always curious about how everyone keeps notes and syncs them between multiple devices, sometimes not similar in OS!

Thinking of (four part as to what I was) Graphic

Since creating a dump file, and have been thinking of this for a long time, some of this possibly going to my other website project.

It gets better…

Since I have been doing a lot of thinking. A lot of it mostly trying to keep focus most days. I really feel like I am always distracted or can’t focus for more than a few hours.

Not something I wish on anyone. But Covid is a serious bastard and how we become so attached to our devices.

“Doomscrolling” has replaced some productivity, but at least not my brain running on overdrive for random thoughts to put out there.

I am getting better, but have started to force myself more each day to remain focused and on task. Definitely pointing the finger at that one!

So I am getting more help, and changing habits. Getting it all together, while I was thinking.

Feel free to think…

Since I was just thinking. I wanted to share this with you and hope you might find some sort of inspiration or what not to do from this.

I will be working on the dump page, writing more (maybe more scheduling posts, etc), Adding more affiliate links, and driving more traffic. For the next Quarter is to take an idea and go through some numbers and see if it will work. To read more about the first quarter posts click here. QuarterPost

Keep investing, do your research and it will work out. Besides there are plenty of people that need work on Fiverr, just like me~!

Keep on thinking. Cultivate it!
Keep tabs on those thoughts!

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