Hello World pt 2…

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So the last time I decided to figure out what I wanted to do.

Well, Hello World!

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote anything about what I was doing and the direction I wanted to go. So it happened and I have figured out that I need to get a more passive income for me to start working on other projects.

The biggest issue is being able to implement them and also figure out what is going to get them to scale enough to provide passive income.

What I am planning pt 2…

Quick summary from the Hello World Post two years ago.

  • Still tweaking for better mobile utilization, have a better theme
  • Translations are on hold, but using a generic plugin for now
  • The recipes and resource pages have been put on hold for now.
  • Content is ongoing. I have been posting a lot about starting a blog, currently working on analytics and further blog/website setup information.
  • So waiting for a new place for a while to add more videos on LBRY and YouTube. But have been investing in stocks and crypto.

I also have been marketing myself a lot more to not have to work at a job, but also looking to make a few other changes with this blog. I believe that I have posted about it through a recent post about affiliate marketing.

My about page will have my Fiverr links and usually a recent affiliate link to see if it all works out.

Feel free to help out, use my services and just chit-chat.

So what is going on now???

I am still trying to reach out to any of my followers, those who are just landing on my page and ghosting.

Look, I know I may not be giving out a lot of relevant content, but I can tell you that I know how to spot a trend in just about anything and can figure out about anything. Not sure if that is a superpower or curse. Yet, I put content out there to what I am noticing, in my feeds, locally through riding the bus, walking, etc. News the list goes on and on.

So I have been paying more attention to such trends, regardless of my age, current living, and financial status. I will still give you content, for free. From what I know about the trend and a few ideas about how it would work out in the real world.

The other things that are going on are setting up an affiliate funnel on the blog with the newsletter signup. Besides connecting with my followers and providing valuable content.

From Hello World post

To Continue…

This is from the original post:

To continue…
So now that you have a working update to what is going on with the blog. I am currently working on this. I am always open to suggestions. I welcome to work with anyone willing to help out with content or guest posts. Even some link back would be helpful. I enjoy marketing but finding it to get back up to speed with the latest methods of social media and such. I love a challenge that comes with blogging these days. With the many ways to use affiliate links and even other monetizing methods.
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