Coming up on a milestone…

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It is by far the biggest one I have come to…well at least when it comes to my birthday this year. Mostly it’s work, mental health, and a life milestone these days.

It’s a big milestone and one that seems to be filled with plenty of expected visuals and interactions with others.

This means that one approaching this milestone should behave and act like all the others at this point in their lives.

Except I am not going to gain weight like a bar fly and wear Hawaiian shirts and bitch about what could have been. I rather just live and live like what the others are doing these days for work and living abroad.

Not going with it…

While I am now battling the issue of being ‘old’ and also with a misdemeanor DV charge that makes it hard to get any good work. Which isn’t new to the US. We don’t normally give second chances to those willing to work if they have any blemishes on their record.

So instead I am trying to do other things and not have to deal with anyone. I guess in a way I am imposing my own type of exclusivity of sorts. I still enjoy being out in public, just not wanting to work with others these days. Mostly because of how toxic the working environment is within the service industry lately.

Not going to go with it, when I value a few other things more important than previously thought. Meaning that I value mental health, being able to take days off, better working environment. Pretty much what everyone is asking for. So the remote work has come into focus and is where I am trying to headed. With such a milestone coming up and trying to find work it’s wearing on my mind a lot these days.

Places to check out…

So I have been using one online gig working app. Mostly the Bacon and have used one other, but ran into issues with it and since uninstalled it. While there are quite a few out there, many will pay on a weekly basis. The other ones I have used are good, but the jobs on there can be hit or miss in smaller markets. Want to read more about how I started WFH and my mindset? Check this post out that shows what I was thinking about. WFH Post

Using Fiverr and Upwork is something that I have been starting to use more often and have been looking at doing microtasks as well to make some ends meet till I can actually find a job or get enough clients. I recommend using both of these for gaining clients and to better your skills while doing other work to pay the bills. Both are a lot of work, but if you enjoy it, doesn’t feel like work now does it?

A few links to check out…

With working and reaching this milestone and even trying to gain control of my mental health when working with others after being outside the workforce a little during Covid. Since I am writing about my experiences and how I am addressing the situation in my own way. I figured that you might want to check out my Fiverr page to either get an idea of how it works or hell, even hire me for a small project!

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Mind over money…

What is more important in your life these days? Money or your mental health? I already know many will say money first then mental health. I never chose money like that. You have to get away from thinking you need to work for your bills. I have left jobs over not being able to handle the environment, even with rent due. Except I didn’t have this amount of trouble in finding a job!

So by choosing to have a better mental state than by having that few extra dollars on your paycheck is the step in the right direction. The rise of workers demanding better working conditions and on their terms is forcing many businesses to rethink their hiring process, work culture, and how everyone works together in harmony.

I have seen a few posts about how many are being forced to return to the office only to find zoom calls! A lot has been put on the businesses to basically corral the workers into an environment that nobody wants to be in. Especially when you rather just be at home and could do your job at home.

So what are you doing about it???

Let me ask you this. What are you doing to make the changes that are needed for you to find work where you want it?

Are you really happy in your job? Are you just working because you need the money or you’re compelled to work because you are afraid of being thrown out of your home or losing your vehicle?

I bet it’s all the above. While I may be coming up to a big milestone, it doesn’t mean that I work for my bills. I don’t work for my bills. I work for me.

Curious to hear your thoughts about this, if you’re not busy looking and applying for all the jobs out there!

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