Took a walk…

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It’s that time of year to literally take a walk.

With the recent cancellation of my internet. I took this weekend to catch up on me.

Meaning I took a walk along the loop in Tucson, AZ.

It helped clear my head and let me ponder random thoughts.

I was able to look at what was around me, in the sun and in nature.

It also gave me a way to recharge my focus and my creative side. Think of it as spring cleaning for the mind.

Creating a balance…

I am finding that you need to strike a balance in just about everything you do.

This is why sometimes I feel that nature is calling me and I want to experience it. To be in that moment and feel alive about what you are working on!

It was throughout all of this pandemic to make us really look into ourselves and try to find some sort of balance in all of this chaotic mess.

We fully understood what we were capable of and it really showed who we really are.

Maybe we had forgotten what it meant to actually interact with each other and work together.

I don’t know. Just speculation on my part. It is my opinion and what I noticed.

Which leads to this scenario…

So with a balance that is set for most of the workers out there. The real question would be to see if things stay the same or back to pre-Covid times of in-person work.

So I started a post about the recent reports of companies almost forcing employees back into the office or else.

Have something about the issue? Here’s the link to the post with the Original Linkedin Post in it.

Will this affect the work balance that many workers have demanded, be upset by a few big companies?

Maybe. But there is more of an incentive for many workers to hold out since they could do it during the pandemic.

“‘How come you never told us any of this?’ the bosses inquired. ‘How come you never asked?’ the workers replied.”

From Gonzo Marketing by Christopher Locke

So, you need a different view…

We all need that one form of an instance where we can fully see how we all work on our own.

Yet to also see if we can actually do what we set out to do. Not everyone wants to be a business owner, leader, or entrepreneur.

Who doesn’t? I hear you!

Yet, we do to ourselves plant that seed of wanting to actually go out and do something worthwhile.

Good example. I have so many jobs listed on my resume I would never be a good hire. This is based on my longevity at a job.

Look closer, and you will see that for a period, I had an idea and looked for the experience in order to push that idea along and bring it to life.

I kept the idea but took a different view in order to reach the end goal of the idea.

We tend to forget that we ourselves can be creative enough to find a way to do what we love and still afford to live comfortably.

Tell me your thoughts…

I would love to hear about your points about current events about returning to office or even how you manage a work and home balance.

I, honestly enjoy being able to take a laptop and just write about #JustStart, being helpful and enjoying things again.

Pandemic life has given us anxiety, super Karen’s and Ken’s, and certainly divided views on a lot of things.

For what it’s worth, I still feel that maintaining a balance is vital for being able to handle the stress and toxicity of interactions on a more intimate level. (Think personal space getting bigger, not smaller!)

Let’s hear those thoughts and viewpoints about maintaining a balance.

Hit me! Would love to hear your feedback!


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