Going to Just Start…Again…

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Welcome to a restart of sorts…

So I have been writing a lot about just starting and taking an idea and running with it.

If anyone has been reading my blog posts lately.

You have seen that I am trying to keep on task about just starting a blog.

Well today, I am restarting it a little and going to be scheduling a few posts.

Well…my internet was canceled and I started to think more about being a nomad.

Because it now forced me a little outside my comfort zone.

Time to own it and see how I do.

A few tips…

1) Pay or join those nomad groups. Do your research about what you are looking for and want.

This will help in keeping the cost down. Besides if they offer a 3-month deal take it and see how it


2) You can still learn from videos for Free!! While you are waiting for your join request to be accepted.

Besides, you may be bootstrapping your idea and will need a breather since you dropped a lot of

money right now. (think deductions if you set up an LLC)

3) Start looking at how you can maximize your wifi trips if necessary. Meaning you can drop in at a

Co-working space and spend the day using wifi and networking with other nomads!

Start the idea…

The biggest thing to remember is to #JustStart !!

Haven’t this idea been gnawing at you for a while now it’s time to let it loose!

Meaning taking full advantage of those WiFi runs.

Using Co-working spaces around the world is helpful. Not to mention you are able to possibly connect with other remote workers and digital businesses within the space!

The biggest part of running with the idea and seeing how it will go.

Is to find the time to get the cash!!!

Well, it’s not easy. I am still learning about using affiliate links and landing pages.

I think the biggest part is not quite figuring out how to actually set up a funnel.

Click for the newletter…

Affiliate links and such…

Yes, this part of the post is all about links!!!

So I do get paid a commission for any links listed below.

This is how I will start to monetize my blog with the content I am writing and putting out there!

For what it’s worth, using the most popular ones is worth it. Even if you are starting out.

I use SiteGround and have a link to their hosting service on the sidebar. I like the services they offer to host a domain.

No matter the hosting provider, use those affiliate links for them! You can gain free perks for doing so, even on the free hosting providers…js…

I also use Systeme.io as well for a few other affiliate links. This is my current affiliate link with Systeme.io

Systeme.io Unlimited Plan

Keep in mind that you need to have the traffic to your blog for this to work.

Why I mentioned using email marketing and building a list.

Also, since GA4 is relatively new and not quite used.

Stick with the UA for now. Even though the settings have changed and cookies as well.

Think “giving consent” to send you an email about information being sent to you.

This is basically how you could track your affiliate links in your blog.

Plus you get to know about your affiliate link tracking as well on your affiliate dashboard, who likes to see money add up?!?

At first, your links might not do well.

Mine hasn’t either! But, as I said I am still learning about this as well. Just want to let everyone know about my fails and starts.

The biggest issue will be to get GA4 to show my funnels in the dashboard to link with Optimize and run ads with the affiliate links in them!

This also may infringe on the stuffing and oversharing links on a page. My suggestion is to eliminate one of them.

Keep it fresh and change up the affiliate links now and then. For me, I keep my hosting square banner up on the page and all the others I change out.

Key tip:

If using Google Ads or Adsense (yes they are both owned by Google) in any of your blogs, depending on your theme if on WP. Keep the ads close to the format of the loaded theme. This will ensure that your ads will place in only a few spots on your blog. This also helps with page loads without having to do a lazy image plugin. Even AMP can miss it too!

While on this subject about ads and affiliate links.

I took my affiliate link and converted it to a hoplink, and created a WP ad with it. Since it has a link it will show up as a banner or I can use a banner they provide! This is why you get email swipes or full-page ads for landing or link pages. The nice part of using this method. Having the ability to stop the other ads of similar from showing up on your page, but also to stop having the same ad show up as well!

You don’t want that to happen. Otherwise, Google will drop you down the SEO, keyword ratings. This is also known as link stuffing. So keep it to 3 links for affiliates, and 3 or less for past posts, cross-posts. The more you have links, the more your page will be crawled. If you’re trying to engage your mobile users, keep the links to 3 or less for all. Will definitely help!

Need more info about tags and keywords? Check this post out for more details Tag and Keywords

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