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I have been reading a few posts and started a few books in my digital library.

Got me thinking again about Just starting…

I am taking an idea and doing something about it. I started and learned from it.

You wanted easy? Nope…

It was fun! Now I want to tell you about it and how you can do it. Best of all, I did it for free.

I paid for domain and hosting. So I had a minor expense but had a time frame.

This biggest part is to #juststart.

Enter the vision…

I took the moment to start to see a problem. For one.

How do I find an online portfolio site? I got at best…7…

Does anyone remember examiner?? Maybe…

The concept is sound, just needed an upgrade…

This is what I had a vision and get those that need a bigger voice to be seen!

Since there is a flood of new #copywriters out there. Why not give them a hand, or promote the crap out of them and give them a chance to showcase their work!

I just started. Mediagut.com was born. This blog is now deemed less than a vid or reel.

Not going to stop me. This can be useful. Especially for the copywriter.

Just start the vision…

I originally thought about it right before Christmas. Love domain sales on new years!!

Mediagut.com was going to be a portfolio of some kind. Whether to do a dropshipping site with it.

Not really sure. Just knew I could do something with a keyword in the effing domain name!

Hence started the pivot post a while back. Took my last post to actually work on these very ideas.

Didn’t really narrow it down, till mid-Jan. It was worth it. Filled an LLC for it in my state. Talk about bootstrapping!

I Just started. Milestone for me, and would love a tipping point to break the cycle.

Look, we all want to create and work for ourselves. Whatever it takes. Copywriting is starting to be more of a general term. The niches alone are growing. Wonder if IoT and AI can keep up with this thinking?!?

Lets focus…

That milestone, I mentioned…

Think the next generation entering retirement age! Except I love talking with the younger generation, observing, listening. You watch closely. Patterns emerge. Trends go viral on a vid. Wheres is the copywriter in all of this? Maybe the one who designed the button, the link to subscribe, etc. Then links that to a nice campaign for the streamer. How about a new fintech needing a white paper about a super technical piece about blockchain security across popular brokers? Seriously, I am actually interested in that. I can set up ca quicker payment and processing. Give these copywriters the place to show it! Think personal pages but gives you more like doc, pdf, vid, etc.

Just want more of an online magazine format to give copywriters a place to be creative away from any constraints a client might have. Also, a client may find someone more to their liking and can actually see it. Not trying to be a job board, but if you like their work? Email them at their link under their work.

I am a new copywriter, been reading a lot, and noticing a big trend nobody really talks about.

How do I show off my work or what I can do…literally. What I am interested to work on for you. Not what is fully expected of me. I just started with the idea to make it easier to be seen and also provide a way to maybe make money from being seen writing about their interests.

Everyone’s mood changes. their interests and such. Why not watch and witness it happening.

Let’s just effing start and see what happens. I rather fail and learned something than not even trying!

It comes down to this. I want to promote you, the creativity. Yet be an online newspaper for you. Better yet. Give you the chance to be sold onto an idea that is made up for like people to start their journey to a more rewarding path to their life.

Oh yeah.. click this line ___ like it’s linked ))) That funnel is being worked on for the blog. Just putting it out there.

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