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Wow, what a week and a half! Lots of things went on and I showed up without trying too hard.

So, really a lot has happened. I landed a job, started to look for a copywriter, and an editor for my project

If you are a new copywriter and need a portfolio and want to write across a few niches, hit

Current project addon…

While on the subject. The whole idea of was to show what you can do if you have the vision to do it. This is something that I eventually stumbled upon. I was not really finding the needed answers for an online portfolio.

Websites are not easy, even when it’s cut and pasted. Thinking about colors, design, brand colors, etc, etc.

Not everyone can do that. I forgot a lot and no longer have the time to do it.

Which brings me to using #fractionalemployees ! (think Fiverr, Upwork, etc)

Fractional Employees…

So by taking a break during the Christmas season…like in My last post for a while.

#pivoted from food and travel and started to look more into marketing and social media.

I already had the blog. Let’s see how this goes. I became a fractional employee before it was a thing!

Doing gigs, and part-time work until recently.

This is when was born.

Besides I got the domain cheap at a GoDaddy auction or Flippa auction.

Does anyone want a domain? Kidding its listed on GoDaddy…seriously

Fractional to Full…

So with both coming together and me getting a full-time job.

It makes it easier to bootstrap a few things, till the funnels take off a little.

I had the idea with this blog and grew into something more.

I am sorry, sometimes it gets chaotic.

Take a moment to regroup and refocus.

Feel better?

Let’s go…

I am no longer a fractional employee, but now a regular employee. Until Mediagut takes off.

Rekindling the fire…

Call it what you will.

Having a vision, and wanting to create something is great and all.

I want to see it happen. Not for me, but to give back.

Feeling a need to do something that can benefit and have fun along the way!

This is what I challenge you to do.

Create something that changes, not only you for the better, to make life better around you!

Go out and create through all of that chaos!

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