The tag and keyword game…

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Just doing.

You now have this idea, and what the hell are you supposed to do now?

I wondered about this the other day. Having a new idea and something comes along and sidetrack it a little. You pause, then hit go.

Your Idea and you…

So you have this idea and you want to see what you can come up with. Remember that in Getting Started With an Idea, that you did a little brainstorming on a topic. The same applies with this and being able to take your idea and find anything the that comes to mind when you think about your idea.

This helps you find what you really know and also what you may not know. Feel relieved that you are starting to narrow your focus. A good way to also bring in what you know and tie that in as well.

This is how you niche down. Most of this would be useful to do in one day against several ideas to even see how they fared against each other!

Playing the tag game…

So…tag your it!

Remember that game? Doing tags with copy-writing is the same thing.

Did you notice a few words seem to appear in your brainstorming sessions???

I bet you did! Seriously, you did.

This is the beauty of finding out patterns in something you are working on. Now you understand several things at once. I know its a lot, but from a few instance of an idea.

You learned and gain experience in tags, keywords, related keywords, and even how to form a long tail keyword. I know, wow. It took me a minute to think, that I’m an idiot for thinking of this.

Regardless if you are not the first, you just figured it out. On your own. Sometimes it will click at the most strangest times and places. Just go with it…really.

You played the tag game and won! Congrats! If you really want to play around with tags and keywords. Then hit up Google Trends. You will love it, or may be shocked. Even can view other countries as well.

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