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Have you been there wondering what the hell you really want to do? I know I have and still struggle with it. Still continue to figure it out. Yet I don’t stay long and find something to go after.

Look, I keep saying it and will keep saying it. Keep moving forward. You really have to take a hard look and try to see both sides. I can tell you that it is not easy for you to figure out what you want to accomplish. Within the world of marketing, everyone wants tons of experience, college degrees, and the like.

You don’t need them. Seriously. Just start, and start reading. Pay attention to what you post for how much they touch upon key topics. If you are putting out content and keep writing copy. Then you will be there soon enough. It really goes on how much you enjoy it and want to do it. You have to work on it, That’s the secret not many will tell you. I love to write and if you read my Tumblr you’ll see that I write a lot of poetry and Instagram pics now and then.

It boils down to you need to put in some time to make it a reality.

-Me ))

Just start writing…

There are plenty of social media sites and websites where you can write and write. I tend to do the same and write not on subjects related to my posts here. For instance, I write a lot on Tumblr and post a lot of poetry there.

Like I had mentioned before if you take a few topics and start brainstorming, which in essence is a breakdown of a topic. Now it can be based upon your level of understanding, but this is where the real magic happens. You come out with more of an open mind. Maybe a surprise of seeing a pattern about your thought about the subject.

It boils down to you need to put in some time to make it a reality. There is no quick way to suddenly make it big as a copywriter, blogger, or marketing groupie. You literally have to put in some time. Besides you find more about the subject and learn more about yourself in the process than you realize!

Just because there’s light in the tunnel, doesn’t mean you need to stop.


Lets go tumbling…

Do you use Tumblr??? No, why not? If you are a writer with either a UX or digital marketing this is your future portfolio…well, of sorts. There is a lot of ways to show off your visual skills. Think of it this way, it shows how well you are in being a visual creator. Many learn better through visual means. This can be Instagram posts, YouTube videos, and just short animated content on TikTok or similar platforms.

I love how, I can create a post, with a picture and not be related to anything I post about. This is the beauty of visual media. Like TikTok challenges anyone???

Tumblr and you…

Just think, you have this idea or thought about something to send out. Tumblr is a nice way to show off what you have created. You may not get a lot of love at first. That’s not the point. It’s getting to the point where you hit SEND! Trust me when I say this. The biggest part is putting something out there and not giving a shit about what anyone says! You need to see if it will work or not.

Just Tumblr away and don’t look back. Take something and run with it and see how it turns out. Why? Because this is how you get experience. That frankly, schools can never teach you. So post away, just don’t get too deep with controversial topics. It can be a turnoff even with like-minded people.

Want to see my Tumblr account? Here’s the link to it!

So in short…

After trying to get started. Go and just write some random paragraphs about a few of your topics. Sometimes you may end up with new topics or a better, more focused in either your niche or subject matter. This may help with getting traffic as well as subscribers. This is what it is all about in gaining exposure.

If you need a quick read about getting started with an idea. Here is the post link…Idea Post.

I will also say, feel free to check out my other social’s and I am usually working on that. If you are close to being at a point where you need a place to show off your blogging skills and have an affiliate link, message me on slack at… Building-Rapport

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