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Getting Started with an idea…

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Welcome to 2022 everyone! I know that everyone is wanting to know what is going on, where are we headed, and all that jazz.

Well, I don’t know, but I do know where I am going. I took some time off to move, get straight with my mental health. This year has been a lot for me. Since Thanksgiving, I was forgotten by a lot of people and have since realized that they are not worth my time.

So….what is worth my time now? Well, it’s giving to those who may or may not need a little help in getting a blog, or website started. Except, I am going to attempt to share experiences of me building this blog and all the things that went into it.

I will say that while this blog has been around for at least a year, I have recently worked on it a lot more. Covid had a lot to do with that. Seriously though. I have been seeing a lot of tweets, comments, and stories about people wanting to know more about the nuts and bolts of building a blog. There is more to think about than just hosting, a theme, and a niche. Screw that. Let’s start with just an idea…

Three month plan..

So the idea is to start with a topic for the month and deep dive into it. While I will try to post a least a post twice a month, hopefully on Friday or Saturday. Yes, I know it’s a lot of information to go through to compile and throw out. Luckily I like to save the free marketing, setup docs and users manuals for software, and related docs. Which I can repurpose for later posts in the year. I love to give credit for the content when I can. Everyone has a good point of view on something. I love watching it in action!

At least with a few quick posts on social media channels. Wherever I can reach and get this figured out along the way. I tend to notice a few quick trends that are easily translatable to any genre. Helps if you researching and need a quick way to deep dive! Ok maybe need a better term since this is now banned!

an internal linking type loop. Great for link rating and cornerstone content.

Next three months plan…

So a quick breakdown for the next 3 months of what kind of content I will be sharing. Each post will cover an element of the monthly topic. Which after three months, (think financial quarters, you’ll see at the end of three months), You will see a pattern emerge about the content being shared.

I will say that since I am saving the most feared part of this is not the analytics setup, but the actual month two! Where you take an idea and search for topics, posts, influencers, and related information about your subject. Trust me it’s a lot better than it was in school!

When you have an idea and run with it, you just created a creator.

-the merry bacchus

Getting Started with an idea…

Ok, that is out of the way. Let’s get started on an idea and what you want to do with a blog. Look, I know that writing may not be your strong suit. Mine either. Here’s a thought to help you break the ice. Write as you talk and if you have to write it on paper first. Have one of your kids type it out, or your wife, husband. The main point is to keep moving forward with the idea. Treat it like you do your prized possessions. Which I hope is your family! :))

You thought of a few ideas and did the school practice of making a list about a subject. Yes, this is called brainstorming. Why I usually have several methods of jotting down ideas! You only need to do 3 to 5 ideas under a topic. Process of elimination!

Just take at least 3 ideas and expand them with 5 ideas under them. You can then expand them a little to see if it is something you like to do. Usually, if you are feeling something, like an “uh not really” or a “do I really want to do this?” type of vibe. Write it down! You want to actually feel like, holy shit I love doing this and I can make something out of this! If you want to read my thinking read this post New Focus.

Cool tip for you! Got, Tailwinds, Buffer, etc.? Installing one of them and you have a social media link since you made it an anchor to your blog. Useful for long posts, and cross-posting (may have to do a code snippet to link). Link here

I have a newsletter in the works. Totally voluntary, and love to hear your thoughts and experience. Have fun and look forward to growing together!

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