To career pivot or not…

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Well hello everyone. I am sure by now everyone has been trying to find gifts for this holiday season. Not to mention that many are also finding new jobs and pivoting to a new career field. I get it. Because I am in the same situation. I wanted to touch base a little on what is driving this shift and also what seems to drive the trend when the numbers locally don’t seem to add up.

Current work situation…

With the current pandemic still wreaking havoc on the workforce in some industries and not so much in others. The trends seem to dictate that the biggest gains in employment are in sectors poised to lure in workers by lowering standards for entry-level. I have seen signing bonuses and benefits that were once unheard of, to now seeing them included. Even with a few fast food positions!

I believe the biggest part is that more people are slow to return in some demographics. While others are slow to return to the more manual labor or blue-collar aspect of their jobs. Many opt to “pivot” to a hobby or passion as a career choice. Not to say anything is wrong, but we did have a lot of time off to hone some of those online social skills and perfect that project.

Can you see your current situation improving within the next few months? Or you have already decided to not wait and do something about it? If there is that thing called pride, preventing you from moving forward. It’s not pride, but fear. Pride is knowing that you made a drastic career choice and made it work. If after all the current chaotic landscape we call the US Government gets settled within the next year, It is not going to be easier to find a way up.

need help
need help?

Resources to look up…

While I have been trying to work from home for the past few months since coming from lockdown. I have found, that it’s rather difficult, to establish yourself as an independent contractor for just about anything. What I have found out is that the current remote or work-from-home (WFH) positions have just gotten bigger. Meaning the call centers and any position that requires you to sit somewhere for 8 hours have gone remote. Even local brick-and-mortar businesses. I have been using these websites to find work, training in related fields, and even tips for resumes, and online interviews.

  •– Still a great website to find jobs all over, and with recommendations that is getting better
  • Google Digital Garage– A great resource to brush up on skills, learn a new idea or process
  • LinkedIn Learning– A wealth of information related to skills, career paths and knowledge
  • Fiverr– A platform to offer any services you provide for work or also to hire for those small projects

While this list is not new to anyone. I have found that these tend to work best if you are looking for work that doesn’t involve a commute or with greater flexibility. I have found a great job for several months as a 1099 employee. With Google Digital Garage and LinkedIn Learning, these 2 resources are valuable in getting any skills up to date or learning a new skill. Most other learning platforms will cater to a specific industry usually and I have found these two to be the best use of effort for learning new skills or career paths. Which also gives you a little insight into what that path may be for you. There is work out there. It really depends on how much you want to fully WFH than going in and punching a clock.

One last thing…

I know, you have to be thinking that this is not really helpful. It does give you that moment to really address what you really want and can put up with. This is where that pride feeling comes in and tells you not to do this because everyone will look down upon you. Yet, you are the one taking the first step in order to do what you need to do. Just because this list isn’t new or something different. The real first step isn’t having someone sell you a system or program in order to become big. Treat it like it’s your job. Because if you really want to do it, then these resources will help you better understand this new path you have yet to experience. Be open-minded, empathetic to what is going on. Be truthful to yourself. I will have more on this as I finish the outline. This seems worthy of a deep dive into this subject. If not, read this “Going the Distance” and you can get a glimpse of what I went through at the beginning of the year!

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