Thanksgiving in 2021…

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This year is one of the hardest for me and plenty of others. Except for this time, more are paying for other things and they don’t really care. The allure of being able to meet someone after such a long time away is more important than just the high cost of gas or other material things.

The biggest part of my Thanksgiving is that I am grateful for what I have learned over this past year. Also grateful for all the struggles that I went through in order to learn and grow from them. I get that this year has been hard with work, evictions, and now covid surges and supply issues. What a country to live in!

It all comes back…

This year, a lot has happened. I have seen a dramatic shift in my social and financial life and personal endeavors. From what I have seen in late August there was a growing trend with shipping. I was only paying attention because I was investing and watching the markets. This brings me back to a few months later. Supply issues, but unemployment is down, and yet still seeing a worker shortage. The pay isn’t there like it should.

So I can be thankful for being able to work, live, and still be moving forward. Since the trends are dying in some places and moving up in others. I am working my way to give back as well as help myself. Since the past few months, I have gone through many different changes and choices. How it all plays out, I will see.

Things worth considering…

All of the things I have been trying, some worked out and a few others have not. I am finding that my focus has changed and is more fine-tuned. This doesn’t mean I am without any obstacles. It’s the confidence and also the backing that has me at odds this holiday season. Why I am working on giving back to those with similar feelings and thoughts. It’s worth considering that I have learned more by going through such struggles to be reminded on Thanksgiving that I am not the only one and there is help out there.

Can you consider even doing something different than you have before? I do know that it is hard to change. Consider making small steps at first. Thanksgiving is a great time this year to do something different. There is more of a trend for experiences and almost paying more for them due to the costs of services and commodities. We only live on this rock for a short period of time, let us make the most of it.

Live life now

We all need to give thanks…

This year amongst others no matter what happens or what situation I may be in. I want to say thanks to those that are following me on my social media channels. I appreciate those that I follow and interact with. I want everyone to have a good Thanksgiving, love the moments spent with family and friends. Regardless of what is going on in all the chaos of this day, remember that if it was just a normal day you wouldn’t have a story to tell for next year!

Be safe everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!

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