Doing this again…

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Have you been wondering what is really going to happen next month? Or even next week? Neither do I. I try to take each day one at a time in these uncertain times. I have been thinking about how everything has been turned upside down. While for a while, I have been working on a few other things to better myself.

Not everything is working out like I wanted to, but making progress. I have started to think about moving away from a city that I have called home for many years. There has been plenty of heartache and problems. While I do enjoy the food scene here. I feel that it’s my time to move on and venture out. This does bring me back to this post about Living a lifetime, and it brings me back to rethink what I want to really accomplish.

So with that going through my mind and on my plate. I have been also working on my coding, marketing, and related skills. I am finding that it is a great way to learn more about marketing through printed medium or online. So this would mean that I can do SEO, marketing, and web design. Which some of these things I already did, but in a different capacity. Now I am using these skills to be able to work from anywhere and not have to come into an office. The hardest part is selling yourself before you have an “industry standard portfolio”.


I can still blog about food and other things and enjoy life. Which brought me to the copywriting business. I enjoy writing. I just now figured out how to get paid for it. Web design is mostly the coding and UX design of a page. I have been dealing with HTML since the beginning and have learned a lot during the lockdown. Even added to my food blog, and reorganized my business holdings.

There is room for improvement. I do have some holdings in crypto at the moment or other investments. I recently used some of my crypto holdings to pay off my fines, and catch up on a few bills. After having my car repossessed, and at the end of my lease. Finding a place to stay in this economy is going to be hard. There is nothing within my price range. Even the local hotels are full of people that are unable to find housing when you’re working full time.

So with what has happened at the start of November, I can honestly say, that I would be better off in a different country. I am rich enough, without a job, to not qualify for most help programs. Poor enough to not qualify for anything else. Plus not having a steady job history, landlords and rental management companies are only concerned about the money. Nothing else. So I may either be homeless by December sometime or not sure just yet. Betting on several gambles and I rather be doing that with investments, not on a living crisis!

Questioning my time again…

I can seriously have looked up several topics recently about anxiety, depression, and even something about autism. Why? Because I was full of emotions after having my car repossessed, feeling now I am out of work. With a lease about due to end in Jan 1st, with no way to get any affordable housing. There are quite a few extended stay places that I could use. The real problem with those is that it is weekly, and hard to get out. Think of them as payday loans for housing!

I guess I could go live with my mom yet again, in a one-bedroom apartment. To be quite frank, I just want a fucking place to live that I can afford in this country! A job that pays well enough for me to live off without having to always find a side hustle or something like that.

I am really sorry for ranting, but like in my previous post “How to live in November” I am sure many of you may have similar frustrations. Not to mention being in short supply of just about most things right before the holidays. I was poised to literally pack all my stuff into storage and pay it for 6 months, and take off down to Mexico. Now, since Covid has happened, it still looks better than here. A little less infighting, and more actual street violence. At least I know when trouble is coming. Here, you just don’t really know…

Have to keep going. Stay Positive. It will happen.

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