How to live in November…

Someone told me about how they were living where they are at. It was getting a lot colder than where I am at. But explained to me how hard it can be in November. It’s a gamble and now it does make sense with the holidays and all the other chaos going on. How to live in November is a question everyone is working out.

So I have been trying to set up a habit, which like many times before has failed. Well, I keep trying to do just that. Which this post’s theme will be how to live in November! I say this because it’s the middle of the last quarter of the year, holiday stress is now ramping up. With the delays in shipping and other products. It may be one of those holidays with a little sadness, but it will be a good growing experience.

To welcome November Holidays
Hello November

How to deal with November…

So you are already thinking about finally getting to visit relatives or others during the upcoming holiday. Yet, there is that pre-Covid remembrance of what it was like dealing with that family during the holidays. So, now you are questioning your mental health more than just being together with someone you haven’t seen for over a year now. No, video chatting doesn’t count!

I really haven’t thought too much about it on my end. Mainly due to only having my mother in town and all my other relatives are elsewhere. I have entertained the thought of taking a short vacation outside the US possibly in January. So with that, I can say that I have started to do this in order to prepare for November, it being cold, holidays and other such fun things!

How I get ready for November…

So the first thing is to think about what everyone I may want to see is doing. Usually, my mom will ask me already in September or October. For everyone else, I usually will have to either message on a social media platform or blast them on another to see if they are paying attention! Another step I take is to think about what is wanted for dinner and if nothing fancy then anything will go! Last few years just me and my mom had something other than turkey for thanksgiving.

So with a makeshift plan in place, now I tend to look at ideas for sides and maybe a pie. I tend to not overthink it. I know it’s already bad enough with the current situation of shortages. This year the point is to be healthy mentally, and not think it’s like it was. This is just the start of the month. It will be a challenge in how to live in November this year!

I also wanted to give you the resources with this link from NAMI California about dealing with the holidays and the pandemic as well this year. I know of a few in my family with mental health issues and this time of year it is definitely trying and hard to deal with.

November is here…

I am sure by now most everyone has heard about the latest on climate issues and other related news. Well, you are not really going to get that here. I have been following the idea that if it doesn’t affect me within a few degrees of separation, then I can’t really comment or say anything about it. I do know about it, so I try not to let it affect my happiness and the direction I am trying to go. Since November is here and there are elections and a few measures up for grabs. I am seeing a pattern that no matter what is happening in Congress, it’s the same situation, with slightly different players this time.

So November is here and I am more looking for places to hike or visit for a food experience or something like that. I’ll take my chances with the left or right about all the covid related stuff. It’s only words…for now…

My friend Olga, had mentioned this phrase about November and said it is how to live in November. I took that as being a little difficult and where she is located, I can see why. Then I started to look more into it and started to realize how this marks the start of the holiday season and All souls day being on election day is rather interesting this year. This brought me to rethink my earlier post about Dinner with friends and now will update where I wish to visit friends in the upcoming year.

How to live in November...
All Souls Day November 2nd

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