Its October!!!

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A lot has happened this year. It’s October and I feel I haven’t given this blog the love that it should. But, don’t worry…

I have put a few other things on this site as well as posts that I am currently cleaning up to drop.

I’ve improved the site…

Well, a little. I purchased a theme and its sub or child themes. While also wanting to just post more. I think making the site easier to read on a phone than on a laptop is better.

This means better insights into what I’m doing and will kick myself into posting more cooking videos or at least of places I have been that concerns food and drinks.

The blog helps…

With the blog, I will now be able to share my other crypto-related video sharing site, while also available on the other common one. More on that later.

Changing hosting provider helps and also this opens up more affiliate links to help out. Which if you see any ads that look like nonsense, it’s me trying out ads placement and such. Which I would love to possibly use to sell to someone that freelances ads space. Looking into this possibility for help to other bloggers, copywriters, etc.

My focus has changed…

Lately, after working a remote-based job, for a month now. I am finding that I still need to make more money to get myself out of this hole. Been working on the blog in the background. You’ll notice some changes here and there. Please let me know any issues. You have to see what I’m doing next!

Meanwhile, all the time working I have been reinvesting money into accounts again. For instance into cryptocurrency again. I did a post about my start, at Hello World. I even started with more affiliate possibilities this past few months that I am working on getting added. These links, like the one above, will enable me to do other things with the site…hopefully!

With the flood of the writing market, I have shifted my focus elsewhere for gigs. I have realized that with copywriting you need a portfolio and 4 years of college for most of the remote jobs. I do better investing anyways. It’s how I survived during the covid lockdown!

Still moving forward…

So I have been working and thinking of new ideas to add to the site and also bring better content. While trying to focus on what I am about, what I am doing, and how I want to present myself to the world in what I love doing or enjoying!

Have fun!

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