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Did you leave your office or job for a chance at freelance life? Maybe not and just working from home or dove headfirst into a new industry. Fully not knowing what is going to happen? Trust me, I know that feeling as well. I have been thinking of that right before covid hit last lifetime ago!

I know that working from home is supposed to lessen the mental health problems of commuting, working in an office, and not enjoying your work. It is ok to feel that. You are just now understanding the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and see what happens.

Work life balance…

So you have left the corporate world or just needed a change from the industry you were working in. Now what? Scared about paying bills or meeting deadlines? You shouldn’t. There are ways to lower your stress levels even though you may think you are financially drowning right now. Relax. Take a deep breath.

This is your motivation. In order for you to feel confident about finances and being able to work enough to break even. This is also how you can stop living paycheck to paycheck.

A balance must be maintained in order for you to not stress out. There be a little chaos. Once you learn a process to whatever you are doing, it will become easier and you will have learned a lot in the process! Good for you! This balance is important when you start to deal with other aspects of your life as well.

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How to balance it all…

With the constant stress of living these days, it’s hard not to feel a bit overwhelmed. Not to mention that if you work in the service industry that you no longer have the ability to afford anything these days. Which is causing some of your stress and keeping you on a no-win outcome.

How do I deal with stress? I tend to take time out to just enjoy some hobbies or unplug by going hiking at the local park or taking a bike ride. Whatever it takes to get you to stop thinking of your phone, social media, etc.

The biggest thing is to actually make eye contact with someone instead of texting them from across the room!

Here are a few things I do to reduce my stress:

  • Stop watching the news -big stress and negativity and your not getting the whole viewpoint anyways.
  • Take a walk, ride or hike -enjoy nature, stop and actually smell the roses.
  • Do what you enjoy doing several times a month -you will be amazed at how much you actually accomplish!
  • Unplug at least 2 hours a day -sleeping at night don’t count!
  • Eat less junk and sugar -This works well for body and the mind.

With this being a small list, I am sure you are thinking that you don’t have access to the extra money in order to buy better food. You don’t have to. Make better choices in what you buy. How you do things. Be open-minded to try new things. This is how you reduce your stress levels and start learning how to use newfound knowledge to better yourself and your family.

Stop, Recognize and listen…

Seriously, look at what you have been doing and literally write it down. You will start to see that what you were actually doing was not working. Getting out of that cycle and learning to work from home and to provide for your family is the motivation to keep you going. It will be hard at first. You have to start somewhere and keep moving forward.

The main thing is to start and move forward. I have been through the same thing and during covid. Working full time. Then work stopped due to restaurants were closed. I started to invest again in stocks, crypto, and a few other related options. It kept me with food and kept some of the utilities on! I was not working but living off the gains I had made in my investments! You don’t need a lot to invest, once you do.

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WFH last thoughts…

Figuring out what to do besides what you already know or have worked in. This can be tricky. I can tell you that what you actually learn in college isn’t the same thing when you are actually in the real world. Some will be familiar, but most of it they don’t teach in any schools.

Working from home is a way for you to work on your terms, how you want it to work. Don’t settle for low pay. Keep learning new skills. Here are a few links to free learning sites (with pay versions as well, except for one) to either freshen up your skills or learn new ones.

These are only a few. I use these to gain certifications and learn new things before I try it myself or outsource that part of a project that I am working on.

The main thing is that everyone is looking for someone that is more knowledgeable than they are about a subject. Not necessarily a degree. Otherwise, you would still be at your corporate job because that is what they want to mold into their vision. By working from home and building upon your knowledge and experience you can provide much more than what a college education can give.

Before you take off…

The links do provide a way for you to further your skills and knowledge, without having to pay anything! Who doesn’t like free stuff?!? Once you have a few of these certifications on your resume, it will be easier to find work.

Don’t fret too much about everything at first. You are starting out and finding that you see what you are made of and how to best handle any situation you come across. If not, hit me up and I will see what I can do to help you out and get you back on the right path. Just keep an open mind and don’t get angry at first. This is how you learn, not just to get angry and discouraged. It should make you want to keep trying to get it. You learn each time you do it.

Have a great holiday weekend, stay safe everyone!!

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