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So what are you going to do now, that Onlyfans has become PG13? Go back to work as a server? One meme mentions just this on Instagram. Which brings me to something else. Did we find our morals again all of a sudden? Working the easy life, has now gone back to being done in an office.

With the pandemic gaining ground again against a new variant, and more people complaining about masks and vaccines. Working has gone back a year to when it was confusing to wear them or not. Which makes it hard to be in a service industry that is going to be decimated again because of covid and also how crappy people are treating the service industry.

It does seem to be a lot that is connected to one another. Work is work, but these days the pay is not there. Which due to the service industry taking a huge hit. I had mention that work is hard to find that pays anything decent. Where I am living, it is hard to find anything above 15 an hour and still get more than 30 hours. Many are paying high wages, but the hours are not there.

Thinking needs to change…

The thinking around my area is that nobody wants to pay what the workers are demanding. Yet everyone is crying because of the prices of everything goes up. Well everyone wants to recoup their loss money during covid. Except here in Tucson, the college kids are here and all the rent prices goes up…a lot. The only problem is that the wages still hovers around the minimum wage and now you have to work 2 jobs and possibly go to school.

The thinking that stating you get tips, but only cash tips either once a week or daily and the credit card tips are added to your paycheck. This is how many restaurants will work around the pay, by having you at the minimum wage, but the credit card tips is what makes you up to the 15 to 17$ and hour mark. So basically you are getting paid like a server! Which the servers are starting out at 12$ an hour plus they make tips. Some dont pool tips either.

This and many other sneaky things need to stop and quit whitewashing it as fair. It is not fair at all. It feels like your not getting the full amount of pay you really should be getting. If you are a cook, this makes it harder to pay anything due to hours being cut or reduced hours of operation.

Freelance and WFH…

So with this being said about the freelancing and the Work From Home (WFH) in an earlier post (WorkBurnout). I have started to look more into a career change. Not only because actually need to catch up on bills and put away money for travelling later. I wanted to have a more stable income than working in the restaurant industry. Writing is something I have been doing for most of my life. I wanted to learn more about being a copywriter or something along those lines.

The problem with writing is the inability to keep at it. I have enough problems with having a post to share! Dont you ever have a nagging thing that you want to do, but find ways to procrastinate?

I am finding that to be an issue. I have been going out more and walking and hiking. Taking pictures, which I do need to share with everyone at some point! Which led me to combat this issue with going out and taking pictures. I have found that being outside helps to clear the head and lower the screen time. Since I am out there I do take picture for stock photos and my blog.

The loop in Tucson , AZ
The Loop, Tucson,AZ Swan road access

This is some of the pictures that I capture in order to either use for other things I am an affliate with or other marketing ventures. Most of the time I upload them to Getty images for stock photos. I agree that some are not great, but I enjoy taking them while I am out. This, depending on your skill at taking photos, but you can make some decent money doing stock photography.

The thing is do what you love and you will find a way to make some money at it. Even if there is not something out there, I am sure many will find someone who will help in creating something. Look at your local Score group. They help small business get started and even have mentors to help you along the way.

There is more than just working…

Career change is never easy. I know, because I have been doing it all my working life. I balance my days off by not working on anything real important, but go out and enjoy what we have around us. This includes those little moments sitting in the park and just people watching or hanging out. Limit the screen time. Take a walk around that large park or a couple of laps around the track. By taking the time to literally unplug and reconnect with nature a little, we get back some of that sanity that I had mention with an earlier post (WorkBurnout).

Move out of your comfort zone a little. We already don’t give two effs about what people think when we go out or do things. So it will be easy to move a little further outwards to grow and enjoy something you may not have done since you were a kid!

So quit burning yourself out with bills, work, life and all the little things you can’t control. Go outside and breathe. I have to remind myself this all the time. I stress when I have a large bill looming and uncertainty with a paycheck doing the cc tips thing. Not good for anyone with anxiety. This I wish I had more ways to help with that.

Keep moving forward and I know this is a random post, but I had a theme I was thinking of and when I got down to actually writing it, went with the flow at the moment. I do have another idea for a post about attending an event that is requiring full vaccination or a negative Covid test (72 hours one). This should be interesting to hear….

Sasabe Hwy, headed to Sasabe, AZ

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