Christmas day…

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This holiday was a little strange.  For everybody.  I had just finished my side job and thought about a new tradition.  As I am writing this, I am on Mt Lemmon in Tucson, AZ sitting in my car waiting for the sunrise.  It’s Christmas day.  I have been thinking about many things I liked to do when I was a kid. I now know what that moment feels like. 

Imagine that feeling when something you enjoyed is rekindled again later on in life? You too? I don’t imagine a crisis no matter what age you may be. It’s the feeling of being happy and free to make those choices.  Minus the pandemic restrictions. It still gives you the time to reflect and clear your thoughts. 

Refresh after Christmas…

So with all this thinking of doing something for me.  With the added idea of doing something new. This is all in line with my overall goal for the new year. 

Call it a refresh after Christmas. I took the last few months off in order to sort a few things out.  While still showing up here and there.  I think I have found my way, where I want to be. I have a goal in place and now I can combine everything and keep moving forward!

Setting resolutions…

Having a set of resolutions in my head one night. I wanted to start a new tradition of watching or catching part of the sunrise. Hence, why I am on the mountain. 

Such a beautiful sight to see when you are 6000 feet up! My suggestion would be to experience something similar.  Take the time to mentally heal yourself by enjoying nature,  or a place to sit and just do nothing!

One of my resolutions is to start a refresh of my blog and some of the other things I do as well.  While building a portfolio,  blog subscribers, copywriting business. Stay tuned for that post later.

Christmas and resolutions…

Since, this year I am doing it solo and during a pandemic. Why not do a refresh? I figured out what direction I wanted to go. I now am taking the steps to do just that. I now want my freedom back a little more. This year I’m going further than I did this year.

My Christmas present is to refocus and start cleaning up a few things. While the resolutions are to help with keeping my mind on track to be creative and those blog posts coming!

One of the other resolutions is to start more cooking videos. I think it would be nice to share what I know. Maybe make it, if we meet somewhere in the world. I believe once this virus is under control, travel will open back up. Eating out will be different.

Food and covid…

Since the past of my goal and resolution is to support the locals. Because after all the shutdowns and lack of money, those left standing will need our help.

It’s sad to think a few long time running restaurants are now closed due to covid. Even a few chains were affected. Since the ability for takeout and online ordering helps some. Many were not able to keep going.

Now I can see catering businesses or even a few new cafes or diners opening up. This in regards to the many cooking videos online. Especially all the bread ones! I believe I have written something about the Flour Shortage at the beginning of the year. The biggest trend will be how these new places are funded to get started. Not to mention the need for creatives.

Be merry…

So I have learned a few things during this post. I shared and not asked for anything. I rather give this year. It helps keep the happiness going. If you have something you wish to change this year, stop me a message here or on social.

Please be safe and well with each other. Like many things, you have to keep moving forward. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t doing the same and needed a push. I found that out and now wanted to start sharing that with everyone. It will be better. We just need to now adapt to the changes to find better solutions.

I will say that once travel is back open, I am still offering a chance to have a home-cooked meal wherever I may be in this world. I will always have an open seat for fellow travelers. That is what this blog is about. Sharing a plate of food with newfound friends over a story or two!

The Merry Bacchus

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