Covid and road trips…

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Yesterday I got an itch. I needed to scratch it. Because road trip during Covid is a great idea. So I opened up this app I just started using. I was planning to use it for a road trip. It was mostly for research in two ways. One to see how the app works. The other for a road trip I was planning. The app in question is Roadtrippers. I love how you are able to find places to visit and add them to your trip. I am still looking into this app over BreweryMap. While both apps help with road trips, one is geared towards breweries and brewpubs. I will post later on these two apps later on after using them for a month or two.

The main itch I needed to scratch was to finally go hiking. It is something I love doing and now have the means in which to enjoy it more frequently. The biggest issue is now with social distancing and limited capacity. Some even do not have ways to pay for day passes, based upon the honor system.

The few day trips I have done have been close to home and within a full tank of gas. While it may not be ideal, but in these days of Covid, you don’t want to risk getting sick later on. To get out and get some fresh air and enjoy nature is something that will help you. It will get you refreshed and able to focus more clearly.

The allure of road trips…

The biggest thing is the allure of traveling into the unknown. Not really knowing where you’re actually going. Chalk it up to the romanticism of adventure. It does make us want to venture out. Some things just get in the way or priorities are greater than the spontaneous road trip. No matter what it’s a good way to feel alive and free. Just go do it. Learn not to listen to those voices and keep you from making those dreams into a reality. Imagine that you have thought of going somewhere and it keeps coming to you in many forms. You will see it in an advertisement or overhear someone mention something close by or similar thought.

The point is to listen to those cues you may ask. Because it is your instinct telling you something. Go out and enjoy that little trip or adventure. Life is too short to just live with a dream. This is what should bring you to want to do something. The allure of having a moment to yourself. Doing something you have not done in a while. Taking a family trip in the station wagon, or van.

You just have to get out there and enjoy life. Even with Covid and the recent resurge of infections. Take the time to go out and enjoy the woods, the lake, river, or beach. It is something we need to regroup. The technology overload is driving us all crazy and would be a good way to do a disconnect. Have you not seen the recent documentary about social unplugging and what it does to people? I am sure you have. Many have started to disconnect for 24 hours lately. This is a crazy year for everyone. There is a message, we just are not listening to enough.

So what I did…

I ended up taking a little hike. I was bored, finding newfound freedom in having a car again. Now with Covid, it does make it a little hard to get things done and see. The internet is your friend here. Well unless you’re in the backcountry!

I went to Sweetwater Nature Preserve and drove to the dead-end street to the Sweetwater Trailhead.  The hike itself was not that hard. It had changed a little since the last time I was there. I mainly wanted to see if the crown saguaro was still there and up. I did not see it but will venture there again to find out.

The overall trail system is mostly geared toward mountain bikers there. You do have to watch out for the other hikers and horseback riders as well. From my experience, it is the bike riders you have to watch out for. They can not always stop fast, but usually, you will hear them.

Then I …

So what I did after that was to take a moment after hanging out with my friends and listening to all of the quail and other wildlife. I went to a local park to look up a few things and to do a quick plan of action. I also had to pay for my phone bill and needed to make a side trip before heading out.

With a plan in action and a paid phone bill, I was ready. Well, most of it. I still needed to grab something to eat before I took off. A nice convenience store with the works does help in this instance. Try doing a road trip before these giant gas stations popped up! It was a real challenge.

After messing around, like how most road trips start. Away I go! The main reason was to see how the car would be when on a long trip. I wanted to see the gas mileage and a few other things. It was only a short trip about 2 hours or so one way. Since I could not visit anything inside, why not just hit a few rest stops and look at the scenery. Which I did. I should have taken a few pictures, but that was not the focus of this trip.

A thought drops in…

As I am walking along the trail at Sweetwater Trailhead, a thought occurred to me. While I should be moving my stuff to storage. I decided to say that I need to clear my head and refocus on a few things. I thought about a lot of things. This is why I mentioned getting outdoors and unplugging for the day. With the many thoughts going through my head, I needed to clear it a bit. I have been having bad writer’s block in the last few weeks. I needed to do something to ignite that spark again. I have plenty of ideas to write about. It was when I was out hiking that it came to me. I love it when doing something fun and interesting clears your mind and refocus yourself.

I had decided to take a little road trip. I started to think about where I could go that is within a set area. With most of the places closed, I decided to at least cross the state line. I knew there wasn’t a lot of places to stop at. Originally thought about Demming, NM. That was a bit much and the hardest part of the overall trip was going through Texas Canyon and the Dragoon mountains.

Lordsburg founding story

Birthplace of New Mexico’s state song

“O’ fair New Mexico”

I wanted to see…

The whole reason for doing the road trip was to see how the car would handle, go through the gas. Pretty much see how it would do for a long trip. My intention was to eventually go drive to Wilmington, NC to see about moving there. With the current election going on, I have since put that on hold. I still want to see how future road trips would go if I was to stay here. Besides with Covid after rereading Directing Life…, I found that my attitude has changed a lot since I wrote that post.

There is still the possibility that I could travel to Mexico since I do have an international driver’s license that helps with going over the border in Arizona. I have not been down there in a few years and thinking of actually walking across first again and go from there. I don’t want to drive just yet unless I visit there first. Besides, is that what road trips are all about?

Next time you are thinking about taking that next road trip make sure you do a little planning for a good start. Enjoy the moments with your travel partners and keep smiling. The scenery and friends make for moments you will never forget!

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