Hello World…

Hello everyone. I think it was time to recap on a few things about me and my blog. I know I have not been posting much content lately. With COVID and now evictions going around and still really uncertain about where I am going to live these days.

It’s been a hard process to keep going in trying to bring forth content. Most days I have been reading more and working on some other related things with the blog and how I can better serve my fans and followers. While most of the time I am on social media being active. I am not active enough through the blog by writing posts. Let us try to change that.

What I am planning…

After looking at my past year stats. I know I can’t believe that I have been writing on this blog for a year. I am now have been wanting to write more but finding it hard to keep focus. I have now found a good way to combat this very issue.

Currently, I am working on making the blog more mobile-friendly. Even though WordPress can do this on its own, it still needs to be further worked on to accomplish this task.

Translations into other languages are another item on the list to add to the blog. This will ensure that I am not forcing my followers to read the blog in English but in their own native language. Right now it is being translated by Google Translate. Which is ok, but would like a better translator, since in some languages there is a slight dialect that needs to be addressed.

Adding another page for recipes. This is something I have been working on for the past five months. I believe that either my theme isn’t able to accomplish this or I just need to purchase a theme instead. I still may have to actually write code for a new page, but at least I can do that. Does anyone need any web page cleanup or other website tasks? Talk to me Goose!

Content. What can I say about this? I have so much to record and upload. I am not using YouTube, since their algorithms and other things are not really going to help with any views or even monetizing the view through there. I am on Libry. Which is a nice crypto-based platform that is now getting much more notice. Plus you can actually get paid the same day, with one view! Will have more on this in a later post in case you are interested in learning more.

Pictures and videos. I will be adding a new page for the pictures that I have either posted on Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook. A majority of the pics I post are on Instagram, obviously. I use Facebook for quick updates and a way to get more important information. Tumblr, I am mostly posting short posts and poems about anything at hand. I have been using it for only about a few months. I like the format, yet there is a potential that I haven’t quite figured out just yet. If you have any suggestions, hit me up with your suggestions. Will try to get a post going about that later.

Yes, the videos. I had mentioned before that I have been posting on Libry for the videos. I have thought of doing the same thing of me out in the wild using Tumblr for that purpose. The main cooking videos will be on Libry since that is a way for me to make some content and money in the process. I will be posting more videos once I know what the deal is with where I am going to live. Besides, I am sure you miss the bright red KitchenAid mixer in the spotlight!

So now what???

Good question. Honestly, I do not even know. I am basically playing it by ear. The real problem is COVID isn’t helping me to accomplish this goal. Right now I am more concerned with writing and connecting with my fans and followers. I have some content coming that is more about helping everyone out. This is based upon what I have been doing for several years now. I figured that it was time to share it. You will see what is being built hopefully within the next month. Still working on an outline to see how it will look. The writing is not the problem. Getting the content together is!

The main focus of the helpful content is to be able to offer it at a low price. Like a dollar, maybe even free. The point is it will be something that isn’t normally known or I have found a better way to do it. Call it as Bacchus giving you a simple life hack. I may even post the document in here, or on my Libry page.

To tell you about getting out of your comfort zone.

To continue…

So now that you have a working update to what is going on with the blog. I am currently working on this. I am always open to suggestions. I welcome to work with anyone willing to help out with content or guest posts. Even some link back would be helpful. I enjoy marketing but finding it to get back up to speed with the latest methods of social media and such. I love a challenge that comes with blogging these days. With the many ways to use affiliate links and even other monetizing methods.

I am getting my motivation going again. It’s the eviction and COVID that is slowing me down for the moment. I welcome you to come along for the ride and even look forward to hearing from you. I am sure that I will eventually get a few more comments. I wish everyone well, stay safe, and hope to see you soon out and about!

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