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So I have been thinking about relationships, travel, and food. Besides the usual COVID and political crap.

How hard is it to have a conversation with someone these days? It seems a lot. Most of the time it’s connection issues or working from home and dealing with the other things. Like family and spousal things.

sunset picture while walking at El Con mall.

Reasons and questions..

Imagine that you had just met someone online,  been talking to them for a while, and then all of a sudden change.  I believe that the lockdowns have played a big role in how everyone is mentally doing.

I talk to my followers when I can.  Asking something about relationships during this virus is very tricky. My experience is one built upon a shaky trust. The recent lack of communication has me doubting the whole relationship.

Which begins me to questions what is actually going on? To me, it’s ok to call it off, since we never met in person yet. It sucks, but I rather be honest and upfront than wait at a worse time in either one lives. Which after re-reading a post, like this one Crazy times… I am beginning to see that I may need to check my edits more thoroughly!

At least I am in a better mindset. At least for the most part. I still looking for that partner to tag along on this adventure. It still begs the question as to why? Isn’t that what is always on everyone’s minds these days? I know I do. Because you have questions and that curiosity that just drives you crazy in order to find out what made you do such a thing. I am trying to do that with my current girlfriend.

A few tips…

Do not be afraid to flat out ask them. It does show that you are willing to be upfront and open about what you want and willing to share that.

Do not unload everything at once. You wouldn’t want someone dumping on you. It would be a lot to take in, especially if it’s a new relationship.

Be open-minded and flexible. By basically telling your significant other that you are there for them, shows that your willing to be flexible and open to working towards a mutual agreement. It is just not your emotions you have to think about, but someone else’s as well now.

What about the food and travel???

Ok, enough with the dating scene. I mostly write about food and trying to do more traveling once everything is more back to normal than what it currently is. If you wanted to try something, food-wise, what dish or style of food would you want to try? I know some cities will have restaurants that cater to those with a desire for such adventurous palates!

Did you think that you could visit a city to basically eat around the world! Since the pandemic has gotten everyone on house type arrest, at least we can travel within the country. I have been seeing a lot of posts on social media and such about traveling locally. Why not? At least you can view some local sights while getting something new to try even if it’s takeout. Have a popup picnic somewhere. Enjoy nature with some good food.

What the future holds…

So now I have plans in place to possibly move from Tucson back to the east coast somewhere. I necessarily don’t want to go back to where I used to live. I may just go all the way down to Key West instead. Honestly, I don’t know. I think I will have to travel the world and find my happy place. It’s the company we take with us that makes it even better.

I have been working more on the blog and learning new skills while working a job. The biggest issue is getting that income to be sustainable enough to travel. Which is close to being true. Somethings are easy, and by no means do I have all the answers. I am learning as I go, and sharing it with others as well.

I will say again, If you are out there traveling and we met somewhere, I’ll bring up about sharing a plate of food or drinks and we may become good friends in the process!

Enjoy the day! -Bacchus

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